V.V x Independent Fashion Bloggers Live Chat

Click Image above to see video.

A few days ago I was asked to come into the Independent Fashion Bloggers studio to discuss some of my blogger horror stories. Having been through some criticism and publication mistakes I definitely had a lot to say about this topic. I was really excited and really nervous to be on camera and to meet the staff of IFB but was delighted that I met such great people who made me feel right at home. Jennine Jacobs of The-Coveted was really sweet and extremely down to earth and so was her staff. One of her staff members in particular Nubia, who also has a rad fashion blog called Nubia Nonsense; had such great energy that I was comfortable right away.

Jenine is the founder of IFB, the only network dedicated to supporting independent fashion bloggers all over the world. Her fashion blog The-Coveted is one of the most successful top fashion blogs in the world, it is only right that she take her crown as blogmother and help other people achieve the same success with IFB. IFB is the problogger of all fashionistas who are passionate about fashion and blogging. If you need advice or want to connect with other bloggers like you, IFB is there to help you. I hope that with my story that I was able to help other bloggers around the world. Never let negativity bring you down, know you have a voice and will be heard, and don’t let major companies intimidate you.

For those of you that were wondering what I was wearing…Vintage Vintage Vintage!

Join the IFB community now!

Check out The-Coveted!

Peace and positivity!


6 Comments on “V.V x Independent Fashion Bloggers Live Chat

  1. You were great Jasmin! Thanks for coming on and thanks for the shout out. You are so good at what you do, Keep moving forward girl! xo

  2. hi

    when are you going to post the photo booth pictures from Gay Bajo?!

  3. Ive been wanting to watch this video but the link is dead. Do you know if there is anywhere else still hosting it? I’d love to see your insight as I’ve recently begun blogging.

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