IRON FIST Psychobilly Contest!

Hey my loves! Because I love you all so much I am conducting a really cool contest so you guys can win some goodies by Iron Fist. Here’s the deal, I want you to create your best “Psychobilly” look on and comment here with the link and why you should win this contest. If you are unsure of what psychobilly is, it is a mashup of pinup and rock and roll, kind of like this photo above. The top two winners with the best polyvore psychobilly entries will receive a $75 gift card to use on!

This contest ends 07/04/11 so get your entries in soon!

Good luck ladies and gents!<3

35 Comments on “IRON FIST Psychobilly Contest!

  1. Okay so here is my entry!
    I think I should win because honestly …I really like what I created I love the outfit its something I would love to wear I think I also made a really creative template and solid color palette. I’ve always loved Iron Fist I mean come on ZOMBIES!? Who wouldn’t love that! Plus I’ve always wanted to add some Iron fist clothes shoes and accessories to my closet! ❤
    Thanks for the opportunity


    I should win because I love reading all your posts! You have taught me not to be afraid of thrift stores and thanks to you I have found lots of goodies, and I have become a big MAC fan, especially their liquid eyeliner. I’ve had my eyes open to tons of great brands such as Iron Fist. And if it weren’t for you I wouldn’t have cut my bangs above my brows, I was once afraid but I think they look great. I’m just a big fan in general, and I love your blog and your unique style!

  3. Link:

    From the hairstyles to the accessories Psychobilly style has attracted my attention. After my first pair of iron fist pumps I knew that I wanted my closet filled with them. I never really had the chance to go shopping and get another pair or better yet stock up on clothing items I’d probably love. My entry is an awesome Psychobilly “Red” look! There is a bit of leopard mixed into this outfit and red rose accessories. There is a choice of either a black/red leopard vest or leopard coat to mix it up a bit and if it gets a little chilly 🙂 Of course I had to finish it off with the signature red lipstick and nail lacquer. ❤


    As a fan of psychobilly and Iron Fist, I just had to enter to this contest! I find from reading your blog on a regular basis that you provide great tips on how to mix modern and vintage styles to create unique looks and I love that you occasionally throw in some psychobilly flare into that mix. I made a Polyvore set that reflects my own style but also included items/pieces that are traditionally “psychobilly”…


    Hey this is my “Psychobilly” outfit. I had a lot of fun making this outfit. It was a bit hard due to the fact that I’m so picky when it comes to clothing. Hopefully you’ll like it as much as I do. I’d like the chance to spice up my wardrobe a little with Iron Fist’s great clothing. Never have I gone to a website and actually liked everything I saw. They are a pretty good brand. Thank you for checking my entry out, keep up the good work though you don’t need anyone to tell you that.

  6. What I love about Pinup is the way every outfit accentuates a woman’s form, not showing any fear about what’s underneath (a curvaceous human being). In the set I have created I wanted to choose a dress that would show off my curves and accents..BOOB,SMALL WAIST, AND CUSHION FOR THE PUSHIN. To spice up a simple dress I added what every girl needs in their life: lace, animal print, classic breakfast at tiffany eyewear & leather for that rock & roll bad a** sex appeal. I believe I should win because anyone could put an outfit together, but it takes very few to know what that outfits means and how to rock it with confidence..

  7. They made a matching bag to those iron fist shoes!!! Insaneeeeeeeeeee


    Ok so here it goes. My take on “Physco-o-Billy”. I love it. I hope you can get the “feel” of what I was going for. I love anything leopard, it’s my favorite color, (yes it is a color ladies) and I LOVE to mix prints, so I thought this would be a fabulous look for all you physcobilly’s out there.


  9. My outfit:

    I should win because my outfit reflects my version of psychobilly, which combines classic glamour, Americana kitsch and English teddy girl flair. I love adding my take on pin-up, which shows off my curves while still being slightly buttoned up and sassy. I am inspired by vintage as well as pulp, b-movies and classic horror/scifi. Having Iron Fist in my collection would really make me feel like the perfect pulp pin-up!

  10. Oh,…I forgot the reason why I should win this contest…well, I think this outfit just is the craziest and most extraordinary with well thought out accesoirs and just the right touch of trash. It has the true psychobilly spirit. For confident, selfestemeed women who just know who they are and what they want and how to get it…of course! For quenns who know how to walk the walk and talk the talk…

  11. Hey VV! I should win because I have always admired psychobilly clothing but haven’t really had the funds to purchase much at ALL this year. I am a curvy lady and I think that most rockabilly/psychobilly clothing compliments my body waaaaaay better than modern fits. AND, I live in the straight up hood and I think it would be awesome to spread some fashion goodness to my hood. I love to be different. Hook a sista up!

  12. this is my look:

    I believe I should win because I like to think my look is a different take on the psychobilly style taking inspiration from more classic and retro looks. I think that mixing styles to create your own look is what makes you stand out from the crowd and make people go “wow!” It’s also not for the faint hearted, confidence is your most important accessory 😉

  13. Here is my Look “A Night Out With The Ghouls”:

    Hope you like it. I would love to win your contest because I am an avid reader of your blog, and I love Iron Fist. Since I have started following your blog, you have inspired me to do so much with my style. Thank you for being a source of inspiration.


  14. this is my set. I should win because I just recently got into the Psychobilly and Rockabilly look, though the Iron Fist items at The Alley Chicago always caught my attention. Since I’m just getting into this, it would be a great way to start my collection of awesome clothes!

  15. It’s going to be really hard picking a winner, all these entries are great.


    I wanted mix up my girly style with the psychobilly style…you know stay true! lol well i think i should win because i really want to own these shoes or maybe the other genius shoes on ironfist, it would be difficult to choose if i did win!

  17. Aw, Jas, I wish I could enter! My computer has flopped and fizzled, so I’m reduced to iPhone Internet!

    Good Luck, ladies! I’ll compete next time around!! 🙂

  18. Damn, same here: my own computer is broken, would LOVE to enter! Next time! Beware 😉 My favourite is PRETTY LITTLE DEMON’s…crazeee wiiild ! But all are super cute and made with passion. Respect ladies!

  19. I’ve been into vintage for a while, but since discovering your blog a couple of months ago I’ve been completely inspired to add a more rockabilly/pin-up flavour to my outfits, and I think a pair of Iron Fist shoes would suit this new look of mine perfectly! I had a lot of fun creating my set, I took my two favourite colours, black and red, and tried to make something that was a little bit pin-up, a little bit punk, and a whole lot of rock’n’roll. Hope you like it, and thanks for the awesome competition! xxx

  20. Were you in the Coney Island mermaid parade this year as a sailor girl…If not here a pict

    Robert.Michael photography
    M&M 384388

    I believe i deserve to win because i really worked hard on my creation and changed it so many times til i was satisfied with my work, and im proud of it. i really love what i created and hope the same for you all to admire it too. i’ve been listening to Psychobilly and Rockabilly genre just recently and i would love to alter my life around it and make it my life style. and honestly im poor ): and cant afford Iron Fist which i admire the line. I would love to cast an eyeball from a kool Kitten or Cat. i like to be something more

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