Swimming with Sharks at Le Bain!

The other day I received an invite from a friend about a rad pool party at Le Bain. I have heard nothing but good things about this lounge at the Standard hotel and just couldn’t miss it. I attended the party with my friend Ingrid and it turns out my friend Jerry was also attending the party so we linked up. It was the day of the Puerto Rican festival but it was raining out so I knew that Le Bain was a go. I still dressed in Puerto Rican fashion with a romper from Betsey Johnson, some door knockers, my name plate necklace, and some nude pumps. I am so glad I ended up going to LB because we had SUCH a GREAT TIME. It was one of those epic days that you will never forget. It was a watergun massacre, everyone was in the pool or partaking in water gun fights. I got attacked but it was all in fun. After partying at LB we took our starving selves to the Sea where I ordered tasty drunken noodles. I have had a craving for it ever since. Good party+good food+good company= a good time. Check out the photos inside.

Me and my ini-mini-mac!

Photo via Rony’s Photo BoothPeep the view!
My water gun matches my outfit 😉
This is my friend Jerry, he is super cool and I was glad we got to hang!
My pretty lil inimac with her cute lil cupcake courtesy of Chocolate Goddess!
They were delish!
The chocolate goddess herself and I. Her cupcakes disappeared because of me 🙂Caught.Gun happy!lololFor all of you fashion heads out there- this romper is by Betsey Johnson & my shoes are by Steve Madden.I was inspired by our Puerto Rican weekend here in NY and wanted to go for a spanish/tropical look seasoned with Rican flavor ;).

My girl Ini looked FABULOUS for this party.

Ingrid is actually wearing a swimsuit and an American Apparel skirt on top. This is a great way to wear out a swimsuit because it actually looks like an awesome top!Such a lady!<3Pool time!My new friend, her swimsuit is hawt! My swimsuit is by Newport News. I found it at Buffalo Exchange a few weeks ago.Drying off before we are off to the rooftop. Pow Pow!I love how the staircase is decorated!Rooftop fun!Awww what a doll!Can’t go out in the rain without a rain coat! My coat is by Agent Provocateur 😉Crepes!This place is out for my own heart with this little crepe stand. ❤Off to SEA!GOOD TIMES!


9 Comments on “Swimming with Sharks at Le Bain!

  1. I first want to say I really enjoyed you on the IFB chat yesterday! I had to check out your blog and your style is amazing!!

    I think you made me a believer in rompers with this one!! I LOVE IT!! And those shoes are fab! Thanks so much for sharing your day! Looks like you had a blast!

  2. love ur romper…please tell me that its new and i can find it somewhere 🙂

  3. id also love to know if you sell the flowers u wear in ur hair and if fo how much they are beautiful

  4. You look perfect in this Romper 😉 Dress him as often as possible. Grettings !

  5. Just came across your page, and it’s great! It was nice to meet you and Ingrid via Jerry, that’s me in the pool!!! lol. Hit me up, @kevinswade.

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