Minutes ago I received an email that nearly made my entire life. Nathalie Rattner, an INCREDIBLE hyper-realistic artist from Canada, sent me a portrait she painted of me and I couldn’t be happier. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT and cannot wait to hang this up on my wall! It looks EXACTLY like me and notice the “V” in the backdrop! I love love love love love it! This is a dream come true and I feel so fortunate that someone as talented and well-known as Nathalie would take time to create such a beautiful piece. Her work and technique is so exceptional, it stands out effortlessly. Nathalie experiments with a wide range of mediums but this one is done on wood board with dry pastel, watercolor, charcoal and ink. I never thought in a million years that amongst Nathalie’s huge fanbase of pinups, that I would ever get the opportunity to have my portrait done or even be noticed. Nathalie has done portraits of some big names including Dita Von Teese, Holly Madison, Lady Gaga, Bernie Dexter, Marilyn Monroe, and Playmate of the year Claire Sinclair and I feel so fortunate to be added to that list. I just want to thank Nathalie for taking the time to paint a portrait of me and making one of my wishes come true.

Thank you<3

Your fan,

Vinny Vandal.

Check out what Nathalie wrote about our collaboration by clicking here!

To see more of Nathalie Rattner’s work click here!


9 Comments on “V.V by NATHALIE RATTNER!!!

  1. OH Man! That is just Awesome and Amazing! I remember when you had tweeted about this i had looked up Nathalie. I fell in love with her work. Great Job! ^_^
    Love it!

  2. I love it..Its amazing to see such a beautiful drawing of u from someone famous..U will see, U will make it big someday..Keep up the good work, mama..Great job Nathalie!

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