V.V in Playboy July 2011 Issue!

The July issue of Playboy is finally out my loves and my photo is in the Grapevine section! I was so nervous to announce that I would even be in Playboy because of all the craziness I have already been through this year with many publications but I am so content with this turn out. The Playboy team was so awesome and so down-to-earth that my experience was memorable. I was terribly nervous especially because I am used to conducting my own shoots, doing my own makeup, and etc. This was something I had to leave in their hands and I am glad everything worked out and that Playboy had the right girl with the right info this time ;). I told you guys I wouldn’t be nude and keep it sexy and classy. I died laughing when Playboy said “Although she wont pose nude, we’re grateful she doesn’t have any restrictions on posing in tiny lace panties!”. I have to thank my girl Ingrid for coming with me to the shoot and assisting, I love her to death and am so glad she was there to support me. I love this issue and am so thankful that I got the opportunity to be part of such a great publication and that I got to meet such amazing people in the midst of it all.

On the same page you will see Mila Jovovich looking stunning in a black dress, Inno Popenko showing off her huge bussoms, and Nicki Minaj performing at one of her shows with a strap-on lololol, Ohhhh Nicki.This is Bryan Lynde, my makeup artist of the shoot. He was so amazing and kept my nerves calm the entire time I was shooting. He had such great energy.The Playboy team, Ingrid, and I took a family photo after the shoot. Ryan, Debee, Gen, and Chuch (that cute dog) were so awesome and I couldn’t have been more happy to have worked with such great people.

Good times!

19 Comments on “V.V in Playboy July 2011 Issue!

  1. Owa owaaaaowaa Throw yao hands in the air!!!*** hahhahah you know I NEVER leave a comment But this time is special. YOU DID GREAT! Simply beautiful, no wait..HERMOSO! [sounds better in spanish] hahahah.

    I love you too!

    Your Mac

  2. You look beautiful and elegant! And that’s going to be an extra popular issue due to the no-wedding publicity so you’ll really get your name out there!!

  3. Cant. Stop. Staring!
    This make up looks beautiful on you, really natural and yet striking.
    Cleopatra eat your heart out!

  4. I Love it! you look just as prettier w/the simpler make they put on you ; )
    you look great! congrats on your shoot! ; )

  5. Muah! Muah! Muaaahhh! Yay! A LEGIT Playboy article featuring the REAL, FABULOUS, TASTEFUL, SEXY Jasmin Rodriguez. Holla! Oh, and a shout out to Ingrid. It’s hard to find girls that support other girls and leave illwill, jealousy, and backbiting at the door. Ingrid is a class act and obviously a good friend.


  6. Its about TIME PLAYBOY gets is straight and publicates the REAL JASMIN RODRIGUEZ!!! holllerrrrr

  7. Beautiful and classy! There’s nothing shamefull about the female form, don’t worry about closeminded people who are scared of nudity, it’s their own messed up issue. We should feel proud and natural in our own skin

  8. Drop dead gorgeous and classy! Not that anyone should expect anything less from you, as you’re always drop dead gorgeous and classy! You are going to be barraged with not only fan mail, but offers galore! You need to make sure you get what you deserve from here on in! We gotta talk sweets! See you soon I hope!

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