Retro Automo-furniture!

Cadillac Sofa Pink – 1959 Cadillac Sofa
A few years ago I came across an image of these car trunk seats online and nearly passed out. Years later I end up at my uncle’s house in California to find out that he actually has one (the pink one above)! Inspired by the fact that this seat was actually attainable, I decided to do my research and found a whole bunch of them at I have decided once I find a new apartment, this will be my new investment. I want a black and red one for my living room or a turquoise one for my kitchen! Hell, I want them all! Whilst looking at the site I also came across love seats, car bars, gas tanks, and more! Check it out below!59 Cadillac Sofa in Turquoise – 1959 Cadillac Car Sofa
Look at this COLOR!

59 Cadillac Car Sofa – Black
I like this color too because it is more versatile.59 Cadillac Car Sofa – Black Calf Skin – 1959 Cadillac Car Sofa
I even like this cow printed one!Mercedes Car Sofa – Green
So cute!
Can I have this one too?ROLLS ROYCE CAR BAR
These are the Car Bars I was telling you about. Aren’t they just FANTASTIC?
57 Chevy Car Bar Pink 1957 Chevrolet Car Bar
This pink one and the turquoise below have to be my favorite.57 Chevy Car Bar Turquoise 1957 Chevrolet Car Bar
Corvette Car Bar Black
I love these gas tanks for decor too!Get your automo-furniture today!

Happy Shopping!

2 Comments on “Retro Automo-furniture!

  1. Those are so cool. Check out Jake’s Chop Shop, they have some great stuff. A client of mine bought some furniture for a store in the Hamptons and they look great in the shop.

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