Night out with the glamazons!

The other night after a full day of errands I made a pit-stop at Le Poisson Rouge to wish my girl Kida Happy Birthday. The theme was 1980s and of course I was the only oddball in 1950s attire. I just kept saying “Grease came out in the 80s!”. Any who for the short time I was there I did take a few flicks that were totally blog worthy with a few of my fellow Blogger babes lol. Check em out!First and foremost, This is the beautiful Birthday girl Kida who always looks beautiful in whatever she wears! Girl has got style for days!This is my girl Shay and I love her! This girl is so lovable from her fun personality to her quirky sense of style. Shay is also very talented and customizes everything from jewelry to shoes, and clothes too! Check out her blog by clicking here!isn’t she cute!Look at her nails!That pretty-in-pink-princess is my girl Mimi Loubeau who also has her very own blog and adorable fashion sense! Check it out by clicking here!I love this pic of Mimi! BAD!The lovely Ania and stylish Andrew<333The adorable Dashawna who walked my hungry ass to McDonald’s. She also has a great blog, check it out!
That girl on the far right is Kela, an aspiring model and 80s queen!Good times!

5 Comments on “Night out with the glamazons!

  1. No problem walking you to Mickey D’s…lol
    It was great seeing you. I had a good time this night.
    I was not going to miss Keda’s party for the world.
    She shows love to EVERYBODY!!!

  2. omg how did you do your hair? you look like traci lords from cry baby!!!

  3. Do you have a Facebook page or Twitter? Would love to follow you there, I’m on my iPhone and love reading your stuff!

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