Memorial Day with my girls!

For Memorial day I invited my girls out to Coney Island for some fun in the sun. We were all so excited to eat fried oreos, snow cones, hot dogs, and whatever other goodies Coney Island had to offer. I was thrilled to see Coney Island so clean and almost brand new with all of the new rides and stands. It is also good to see that even though it has been modernized, some monuments are still up and running like the Cyclone, the sideshow freak show, and Nathans. We had so much fun but that wasnt the end of our Memorial Day adventure, we then headed to central park, and to my friends BBQ. It was a lonnng but wonderful day with my girls and it couldn’t have been better. Check out our photos inside!

How bizarreeeee!Looks like the old signage from the 50s.Snow Cones for only a dollar and tastayyyyy!
We got a cop to take our pic lololCandy!!Cyclone still up and running, that’s my girl!Ice Cream!!!Ingrid had hot dogs and….…I had pastelillos. lolol I am a sucker for these things.I want these signs hung up in my apt!FRIED OREOSSS! I bought like 10 of them lolBoardwalk!Too cool for school!The view was priceless..Monster!lol I love them.The drag queen and the prom queen!
Central Park photo booth!My loves!<33awww I love my Sarah.Look at how pretty she is.Bright eyesWe didn’t take pics at the BBQ but it was so much fun.

Good times!!

7 Comments on “Memorial Day with my girls!

  1. We were at Coney Island on the same day! Haha! Small world. Xoxoxo

    -Joanna of The Flower Tiki xo

  2. hey chica! love the red hair! and also where did you get those leopard wedges!!! I’ve looking for some that look comfy for summer and those are perfect! thanks mama!!

  3. i love your hair jazzy the outfit was nice too i also loved what ingrid was wearing her shades were cute you all looked cute i gotta make my way down to coney real soon

  4. I love your wig I been looking for one like that can you tell me where to find one just like yours if you don’t mind?

  5. You guys are the cutest, baddest, hottest ladies in NYC. I’m convinced.

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