Gay Bajo Party for Gay Pride!!

Microfono Check 1-2 Que es Esto?!

Its Que Bajo?! Carajo… Ya tu sabes…

Its Pride Month here in La Gran Manzana and we wanted to take part in the celebration along with our LBGT friends and family. Some of you may be already be asking how were going to top that Cinco De Gallo party from last month pero cojanlo con teikerisi and lemme eshplain.

First off, we’re going to set up the first ever Latina Cantina where our friend and stylist Vinny Vandal will be hosting a pin-up photo booth creating some retro tinged memories of the event. Visit her blog for a taste of whats in store

Lorena St Cartier has won 26 crowns across the span of her career as a female impersonator. She’s one of NYC’s best known latina entertainers, we call her La Comadre and we’re happy to have her show you what it means to be a queen.

Contessa (Cuntmafia) is a one of my favorite NY nightlife personalities. She takes Out and Badd to a whole ‘nother level. We’ve invited her and some friends out to vogue it out on the dancefloor and show you how its done.

Now when it comes to grabbing both guys and girls and bending them over on stage, I don’t know anyone that “gets it in” harder than Zuzuka Poderosa. She’ll be joined by the red hot Valissa Yoe on decks. Another of the flyest stylists in the city you can check her blog at

I want to send a special word of thanks to VJ Miixxy for all her help getting this orchestrated. We’ve got burlesque dancers, vogue boys, Its one killer show. lets get the word out.

Thursday June 16th
Tammany Hall
!52 Orchard St

Zuzuka Poderosa
Valissa Yoe
Geko Jones

Hosted By;
Contessa (Cuntmafia)
Vinny Vandal
Jean Bernabe

UPDATE! Derek Santiago will be doing a live art show at this event! come see him work his magic!

2 Comments on “Gay Bajo Party for Gay Pride!!

  1. Hey vintagevandalizm,
    I like your style, especially your love for the pinup culture. I wish I could meet you…

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