Iron Fist Swimwear & Accessories!

I came across an Iron Fist booth 2 years ago at Viva Las Vegas and have been hooked ever since. I purchased a pair of Zombie pumps at that booth and I remember thinking “these are AWESOME”. The zombie design, bow, and decaying heel stole my heart. I wore them to car shows, parties, the whole nine and people would stop me asking where I got them from. This is no ordinary brand. What sets Iron Fist apart from other street wear counterparts is its ability to be so artistically diverse. The artwork and styling is exceptional and constantly evolving. Iron Fist caters to men, women, and children who are edgy and stylish. They offer you quality apparel and accessories at such great and affordable prices too. Many of you have been asking me about affordable swimsuits so just in the nick of time, I present to you Iron Fist swimwear! Check out some great Iron Fist swimwear and accessories modeled and styled by me, and shot by Miguel Oliver of OliverPhotosNYC.

Ladies Tiki Bandeau Bikini

What I love about Iron Fist bikini’s is that you can wear them with or without straps. Don’t want annoying tan lines? Just tuck the halter straps in and you are good to go. I love this pattern too, makes me feel like Jane of the concrete jungle ;).
Bikini bottom features a cute peek-a-boo ring!The angry tiki pattern is awesome!Ladies Lacey Days Platform

These shoes are one of my FAVORITES from Iron Fists fabulous assortment of shoes. The Victorian skull pattern, black and white stripes, and skull charm fits my personality just right.
Zombie Wallet and Tote

I wear this tote and wallet combo everywhere. It serves as great contrast with a vampy black dress and matching zombie heels. I also don’t mind the hot pink flesh to match my hotpink lipstick ::kiss kiss::Ladies Zombie Stomper Platform

These are the platforms I purchased at that booth. I can’t say enough about them. They are just perfect. I love them so much I have 2 pair, these and another pair that glows in the dark! (see below)
Ladies Sugar Hiccup Platform

I love that these are naughty and nice at the same time. I picture myself wearing a babydoll dress with these to add some edge to my look. These shoes are delicious and the texture is a soft suede. Tasty!
Ladies Zombie Chomper Bandeau Bikini

I just want everything in this zombie pattern, can you tell? I mean, who wouldn’t want to prance around in a zombie bikini on the beach? Let-em know I am not afraid of a little sand ;).
Ladies Bela’s Dead Bandeau Bikini

I have a weird infatuation with monsters, what can I say? Especially crazy blood lusting pink monsters!

Werewolf Tote

Zombies, ghouls, and werewolves Oh my! I am not afraid of the big bad wolf, He can huff and puff but he can’t blow this little ladies style down! Iron Fist plus a trip dress=greatness!My Zombie stompers in the gray colorway matches this bag perfectly. How monstrous 😉Limited Edition Glow-in-the-dark Zombie Stomper

These shoes are OUT OF THIS WORLD! I mean, who doesn’t want glow in the dark zombie pumps?! I wore these a few times at night and people were blown away!

Shark Attack Bikini

Are you afraid of sharks? Why don’t you ask the 8 ball? This bikini is a mashup of everything great!Anchor Bikini

All you pinups out there can relate to this one. The blue and red colors, rusty anchors, and octopus legs are perfect for all of those mermaids who talk like a sailor ;). Make it work by throwing in some red pumps and a hair flower and you are set!

Hair, MUA, Wardrobe styling: Moi

Photographer: Miguel Oliver of OliverPhotosNYC.

Check out the Iron Fist shop now!

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Special thanks to my cousin Miguel Oliver for taking such great photos! Book him by clicking his info^!

11 Comments on “Iron Fist Swimwear & Accessories!

  1. Great pics with great products. Very nice shoot, both you and Miguel did a great job.

  2. awesome post- love Iron Fist shoes! i’ve got the lacey days platforms though i don’t think i can walk in them without falling over 😀

  3. I’ve been eye balling Iron Fist’s stuff ever since I saw a girl at a party with the zombie heels, I’m in love. I’m definitely purchasing one of their swimsuits (or maybe two) for this summer. 🙂

  4. ahh yes! now this is stuff i want and cant find great shoot post and look

  5. Lovelovelove this post! You’re absolutely stunning and all those things just make me drool over my keyboard! And lovely photographs, as well. Keep up the good job with your blog! xx

  6. Omg!..I love the shoes the bags n the bathing suits..U one girl who could pull any type of style n bring out the beauty of the item as well as u..Love it!..Keep up the wonderful work u do mama!..U have an enormous beautiful talent in u..I wish someone would see how much talent n experience u have in fashion..Wish u the best baby girl..

  7. Girl when I saw those shoes on you Friday I almost fainted…lmao
    The Lacey Daisies are my favorite

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