House Of Savoia

The other day while walking around with my friend Adrian Farquharson of Limite Magazine, I came across a really great store called “House of Savoia”. What caught my eye was the decor of this place, it had everything I love; Vintage, Leopard, motorcycles, leather jackets, antiques, and more. This place is a dream come true for men who wear suits by day and leather jackets by night. Michele Savoia is the owner and mastermind behind House of Savoia and happens to be, hands down, the best tailor in NYC. Just ask Esquire, GQ, TimeOut, XXL, and New York magazine. His own personal style deserves recognition because he wears a suit exactly how men wore suits from the 1930s to the 50s, he can also look like a T-bird straight out of grease while he rides his motorcycles. Point is..If you want advice on fashion, a good suit made, if you want your suit tailored, if you want advice on how to wear a suit and style a suit, Michele is your man. He is also a professor and teaches college kids the art of tailoring and styling a suit. I actually attended one of his sessions at his shop with a few other people from the fashion institute and within one sitting I learned how to tailor a mens suit myself, how it should fit, and the business aspect of fashion. Now whenever I see a guy in a suit, I notice little details of how it should fit and if some guy has got it all wrong. Michele is truly an inspiration and I am so glad I met him, we have so much in common I could sit there for hours just talking to him about the eras and fashion. Check out photos of Michele Savoia’s shop and I inside.

These are some excerpts from Magazines that featured Michele.This guy is no joke. I believe he should teach all men in NY how to dress.
Michele is an antique collector, I want his barber chair.I love this bar setting!Michele had 2 BEAUTIFUL motorcycles at his shop, he rides these bad boys.Vintage Leopard pumps!I fell in love with these gloves. So cool!Michele has a nack for interior design because his store is phenomenal.I love this canvas!I fell in love with that vintage leopard muff on display. I need it in my life..the hat too!Look at this beauty ❤I had to.Michele has an assortment of GREAT leather jackets at his shop. I actually tried on a vintage perfecto, It was too big though :(.You can find everything here to compliment a suit. Button downs, socks, gloves, ties, scarves, and hats too.I love how the shirts are cuffed. They look sexy on a guy when they are cuffed up like that.
How beautiful is this photo? I have seen it before and he has it at his shop!Michele found these magazines at a flea market, EVERY SINGLE ISSUE. He purchased it for cheap and they are in perfect condition inside of these frames. Jealous? oh yeah.Look at those vintage suitcases and that beautiful Zebra rug.I spy with my little eye..Frank Sinatra! I also spy a book on Humphrey Bogart.Adrian was loving this store. As a tailored guy himself, I know he was definitely inspired.There is so much to learn from this shop and this man. I just kept skimming through his books.This book is amazing. It has different swatches you can mismatch to create the perfect suit.I love these frames!You can even find great cowboy boots here boys!

It was great to meet Michele, I adore his shop and his wonderful personality. This will definitely not be the last post on Michele Savoia.

If you were wondering what I was wearing. Here are some candid shots of me and my little man.
Rex is far more stylish than me. Look at his Mechanic shirt 🙂I wore a guess top, Erin Fetherston pants, Irregular choice spectators, a Betsey Johnson Bag, and my vintage Beaver bowler hat.My bowler hat is one of my most prized possessions.

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Good times!

4 Comments on “House Of Savoia

  1. one of these days im gonna get me a snazzy suit. im still losing weight so i have to wait until i reach my target goal before i get one.

    look out VLV15!!!

    as for hair…. *le tear* i can always dream…



  2. House of Savoia is one of the best men’s store I’ve seen in NY. Love going when I get a chance. You can learn so much just by going. They are always so helpful. Great post!!!

  3. I know Michele since the early 80″s and one night at his apartment while getting ready for a big night he helped dress me..we picked a pair of chaps and zipped the legs around my body to make a dress and threw the skins from the floor as a wrap! I said this kid is something else..Love Michele and thanks for the memories xox

  4. Great designer was he…glad to see this. Great pics and insight…but what I want to know, is are you now making suits??

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