Dream of Californication pt.3

My uncle knows every single antique/vintage shop in California, I am convinced we visited every single one of them in Victorville, Pomona, and Covina. On this day we knocked out Pomona and Covina, two neighborhoods I fell in love with instantly. But before we did some thrifting we headed to the Summit Inn Route 66 Diner where we tried their famous ostrich eggs. We all ordered ostrich omelets that were like omelets on steroids because they were so huge it could feed two people. I must say it was delicious and the best omelet I had ever tasted. I was also delighted to find out the owner is actually Puerto Rican. Who knew? The diner also had a really cool shop inside that had some cool memorabilia from the 1950s, gas station repro signs, and other cool trinkets. Check it out inside!En Route to Route 66!I want to take this truck home!Route 66 DinerLove their little shop!The seating and the black and white tiles are just my taste!Nom nom nom!Welcome to Pomona!This Antique Mart was HUGE! I found a few treasures here!Vintage cameras galore!My friend Ingrid has that steel mannequin.My uncle and a pitch fork he found lolol Howdy!How cute are these vintage salt shakers?
I love this little portrait. It looks vintage but it is a repro. We saw a few in tons of thrift stores.Vintage irons and tools!Fell in LOVE with these barbie frames come to find out they are calendar images!So when I got back home, I bought the calendar on ebay to do this myself ;).Look at those hats and those cute ceramic poodles!See the Tiki Mugs?They had many old radios but the one below stole my heart and I just HAD to have it!My new vintage Randix Radio!Vintage Barbie figures, patterns, and toys!I ended up buying a Napco headvase just like this one but CHEAPER on ebay. This one costs $45 but I got mine for $25. It pays to do your research before you go off on an impulse buy. See mine below.This is the Napco headvase I purchased via ebay which is actually worth more than the one above because it has jewelry. She’s so cute!Elvira is peaking from the sidelines!Covina was one of my favorite neighborhoods, its full of great shops!
At Vintage Dreams you will find lots of vintage repro stuff and some actual vintage as well. The price point was a bit much for my tastes though but overall its a great little shop.Punky Star is another cute shop we came across that had some cool pinup/rock and roll stuff. I loved the decor here and the customer service was great too.This is normal in California. I love it.My mother and I loved this shop and found some great little trinkets here!If I was a size 6 these babies would have came home with me.I was relieved to finally find a great pair of vintage shoes in my size and I had to have them!I bought these vintage babies and they were in the original box!
While looking around I came across some vintage repro paper dolls. I found some for my momma too. I plan to make a cute chandelier out of one of my paper dolls.The owner of the shop was super sweet. The paper doll to the right is mine and she has tons of clothes in the back.The sugar bowl is a cute icecream shop that has such a cute vintage look!

Elvis on the wall!

Cute retro chairs and tables!

My uncle and mom being silly lolol
This antique shop is where I went a little crazy buying headvases. They had such great stuff.Vintage LIFE.I love this little vintage harleqquin painting. Don’t know why I didnt buy it for $5.I did, however, buy these cute vintage poodles via the 1960s from Japan ;).Do you see what I see? BARBIE HEADVASES! The Napco ones are cool too but the Barbie headvases NEEDED to come home with me. I bargained and pleaded with the owner to give me a good deal and I bought both of them!Elaine bought a headvase too, look at how empty the shelf looks now lol. That nun inspired me to look for one on Ebay and I found an even pretty and more rare napco nun headvase while out in Cali. Check her out below.She’s a pinup nun! So fricken cool, I love her.
I love my new Barbie Headvases! they look so cute in my kitchen!

Thats all folks!

stay tuned for more of my adventures in California!

5 Comments on “Dream of Californication pt.3

  1. I love your blog and your style so so much! So i was really excited to read that you were in my home town Covina! I am shocked that you were here it’s so funny! It’s really hard to find good vintage stuff here though in Covina because the prices are so so high! I love Vintage Dreams too but there stuff is costly! Too bad you couldn’t have stayed longer and gone to the Rose Bowl Flea Market. They always have great vintage pieces at good prices. Glad you had a good time here!

  2. GIRL! That Route 66 Diner is the shiz! That’s my dad and I’s #1 spot to eat on the way to Vegas, ahh memories. I never knew anyone else who even knew of it’s existence. NY-CALI. I miss NY! If you love that diner you have to go to Kitchenette, you will LOVE it girl.
    1272 Amsterdam Ave @ around 123rd AH-MAY-ZING

  3. The sugarbowl looked super awesome, always wanted to open a shop like that!
    And I love the headvases you bought, I collect them too šŸ˜‰

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