Dream of Californication pt.2

After our lovely Easter spent with Adams wonderful family we headed down to Victorville to stay with my uncle David and aunt Elaine. This is the first time my mother and I had ever been to my uncle’s house and when we got there….there were no words. It was pure bliss to find out we had sooo much in common with each other. My uncle’s house is FULL of antiques, it was HEAVEN. I couldn’t stop asking myself “Is this real life? If so..this is what I aspire to have somewhere down the road”. My uncle and aunt have such a nack for interior design, you would think they paid professionals. Both of them combine their love for vintage and antiques and have made such a great home full of history. Their house is so amazing I dedicated this entire post to showing you guys around this giant treasure chest of a home. Check it out!This is their front yard. Ever saw a blue watered fountain? It looks so pretty at night.Welcome to the lounge area!I love their Vermouth Bianco canvas. They have a few around the house. That old telephone is amazing too!The metal fixture on top of this canvas adds such a beautiful touch.I fell in love with their old suitcases and clocks. See how they tie browns, blues, and some earth tones together?Classic, Frank Sinatra.I love these chairs! The blue pillows too!Vintage toys/books in an antique chest.I love their furniture and my mother loves Elaine’s doll collection.Beautiful isn’t it?The dear to the left has a booty on the other side of the wall lol. My uncle’s a trip lolol.This is the living room. I died when I saw the seating and the old television!Surround sound chic chairs!I want that tv!So pretty!!This tv is probably the only modern thing in the house. Looks great none the less!Love that lamp end table!My mom, uncle David, and I. Coolest guy I know.This is my awesome aunt, she is so fun and down to earth! Love her pink fringe!
Welcome to the kitchen! Look at that Eiffel tower crystal and chandelier!Can you spot that dears bum?
Pretty counter top. Hello birdies!Cute little juke boxes and ceramics from the 50s!I LOVE this radio and their bird cage.My uncle has a few dogs, all of them adorable!
My uncle is quite the hat collector. Look at the vintage type writter and cameras! I love that suitcase too!Off to the shabby chic room!My aunt Elaine is a hair dresser so that explains the hair dryer in the back. Pretty innovative to have it behind a beautiful wicker chair if you ask me. I love the table, canvas tray, and fake pastries too! Ahh This is one of my favorite rooms.My mother loves that pram, she wants one so bad lol.Even the bathrooms were beautiful.
LOOK at these vanity sets!Off to the man cave!My uncles man cave is full of culture and history from his antique jukebox and Cadillac trunk seats to his congas and Tito Puente memorabilia.I DIED when I saw he had one of these Cadillac trunk seats!Aww, I love them!My uncle actually played the congas for one of Tito Puentes shows. He is so good at it and you can tell when he plays them that he is so happy. We got to play these too and it was soooo much fun!Can I haz everything?Viva Puerto Rico!Slot machines, baskets, and beautiful old photos of the family.My grandfathers wife and his photo from when he served in the war. Love you grandpa!Bet you dont have a Rocky Balboa slot machine!Congas and other instruments!Elaine and uncle David with Tito Puente!Vintage Vinyls!Uncle David and Elaine go way back! I love this photo!!!
Long live Tito Puente!Long live Celia Cruz!See how picture-happy I was?Heres the back yard and the end of this wonderful home! Stay tuned to hear about my adventures in Victorville!

3 Comments on “Dream of Californication pt.2

  1. you uncle has teh coolest house! My mother would go crazy with all those antiques! Love ur uncle’s man Cave- thats my kind of spot! Does the antique TV turn on at all?

  2. I remember Elaine telling me about your website but at the time I didn’t know you were related. Then just today I was at Elaine’s shop getting a haircut and she was telling me that you had stopped by!! I have been getting my haircut from Elaine for YEARS and I was so bummed I came so close to meeting you. =)
    I hadn’t been to Elaine’s house, yet, but she tells me about it all the time. It’s soo beautiful! Hope you had a great time in Cali!

  3. I see the flair and love for antiques and vintage runs in the veins! Your uncle/aunt house is stunning! I can soo see your future house to look like that! Just dont up andleave NY any time soon! lol

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