Dream of Californication: pt.1

So this is part 2 of my trip. My mother’s friend Adam drove us from Vegas to Norco California to spend some time with his family for Easter before we were off to my uncle’s house. This was my first time meeting my mothers friends whom shes known since she was a kid and I have to say I fell in love with their family. I bonded with them all naturally, especially the kids. Our whole trip consisted of us going to tons of antique/thrift shops, eating, and having quality time with my uncle, his wife, and my mother’s friends family. If that doesn’t sound like the perfect trip for a girl like me, I don’t know what is.

This day started out with us hanging out by the pool, then we were off to go thrift shopping in the area, followed by a trip to the mall, lunch at Ruby’s, and dinner at a chinese restaurant. Check it out!

I got a friendly little wakeup call that morning from a little princess named Erica who stated she made me breakfast and is a worker from McDonalds.How adorable is she??????!
My breakfast was super yummy and low-fat too! Thank you Erica!

Off to the poolside!Erica played “Angry Birds” and “Cut the Rope” on my ipad almost everyday. She was so addicted lolol.Me, Erica, and her beautiful big sis Tabatha.They are future models so we did a poolside photo shoot. See how cool we are?Erica and her sister are naturals!When models attack!!!This was our view from the front of the house. It was breath-taking.I dressed casual for our day because I knew I would do a lot of walking. I wore my Zara leather jacket, a men’s Marc Jacobs tee, Kiki De Monparnasse leggings, and my combat boots. Erica was just pretty in purple, she could wear a garbage bag and still look adorable. Off to shop!First stop! Goodwill!
I saw this bag and just had to get it. The old cars and the tiki feel to it had me sold! $5This bag is cute and is actually from one of the designer lines at target but the colors kinda threw me off so I skipped buying it.
Found this cool vinyl there and this woman’s eyes are so pretty!
Viva Las Vegas tea set!I thought this was cool too, for someone who drinks.This is a skull bottle by Crystal Head Vodka. I couldn’t leave without it especially at just $3! These things are on ebay for $50 so I got a deal.I found this really cool vintage leopard purse on my way out too. I love the panther clasps at the top. It was only $10!Erica found something too! She found a shirt and a skull purse in which I purchased for her since she made me such a great breakfast that morning.Making love to my skull while we are off to Rob’s Vintique.This store had nothing but treasure! I left with a ton of stuff!I love this shoes x purse combo, I just wish I fit the shoes :(. They were far too big on me :/Treasure!I love when I go to vintage stores and they have old photos and books for sale.Vintage kids costumes!This shop had tons of great hats, look at how cute Erica looks in this one!
I found this Ralph Lauren vintage blazer there and just had to purchase it for my sister.I also found a cute vintage top and shorts that I couldn’t leave the store without!The shoes I am wearing are also from this shop, they were by Stuart Weitzman.I also found a vintage 3pc swimsuit! So cute for photo shoots!
Ok this dress totally reminded me of Anna Sui, the print was to DIE for. This dress is vintage and I love the bow at the neck and how perfect it fits on my waist. I can’t wait to wear it come fall/winter!I found my future wedding dress lol. This dress is just stunning. It is from the 1920s and in perfect condition. I just couldn’t leave without it. I felt like a princess from medieval times.I also found a great vintage wooden purse with fish decor and a leucite handle! This was one of my favorite purchases and as you can see, Erica models it well for me.I also found this one but didn’t take it with me because it was too heavy. I am regretting it now.Off to lunch at Ruby’s! This is now my favorite spot!The menu is adorable!I fell in love with the decor at this place!Beautiful!I couldn’t resist getting a classic 1950s diner meal. A cheese Burger, Fries, and a vanilla shake!Yummy!Erica got one too!and a play set too!This is Erica’s mom Zinny. I love her so much. She has such great character and charisma, not to mention she has us dying laughing our entire trip because she’s so funny.Look at this GREATNESS!aww look at this munchkin in my glasses<3Off to shop!Erica found herself a snazzy hat!I found some great leopard wedges that were on sale for just $15!After the mall we headed to Zinny’s brothers house.Look at his custom windows in honor of Puerto Rico.The kids and I were dead after our day and just wanted to eat! Oh and that cutie on the corner is Jordan. He is adorable and really great at sports.I love this entire family and miss them so much! This wouldn’t be our last time with them as we would be coming back in a few days after our stay in Victorville. Stay tuned for more!

12 Comments on “Dream of Californication: pt.1

  1. Oh my gosh Erica is a complete natural in front of the camera for sure!! That wedding dress and those leopard wedges are to die for! 😀

  2. Yes…it was a great time with great friends. We found some great stuff shopping and all the dresses looked lovely on you. Little Erica did a great job modeling most of the items. Felt sorry for her sister who was not feeling well that day and didn’t take many pictures. We definately have to visit them again.

  3. yeah, so, Erica was giving you competition! LOL She’s adorable!

  4. Erica reminds me of my niece Nya…when she sees the camera she strikes a pose (lol)
    Those burger and fries look good ( I have an addiction to them…lmao)

  5. Awww! Looks like you had a fabulous time. I wish they had a Ruby’s in NYC or Florida. I love those kinds of diners!

  6. Although I have lived in LA the last 6 years, I am originally from Victorville. How crazy you were there! I love the 3 piece swim suit to most but everything you found is amazing!

  7. Girl, I am SWEATING the leopard purse you got with the panthers on top! DAMN!
    Nothing like a trip to the local goodwill to set you right ❤

  8. Awww, Erica is really cute and has great hair. I sense modeling in this kid’s future.

    I can’t believe all the great finds. What am I saying, this is YOU we are talking about here, LOL.

    That restaurant is adorable. I LOVE ’50s style diners…

  9. omg! you were in riverside, thats my hometown! how small this world really is! 🙂

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