Edson Carlos x Vintage Vandalizm 1.0

Edson Carlos is a skilled photographer and also one of the creators of PinupLifestyle.com, a place where everyone who lives or loves the rockabilly lifestyle can connect and communicate with one another. Edson and I have been good friends for a while now so I was really comfortable on the set (you’ll see us acting like fools in the behind the scenes footage). I actually did this photo shoot as soon as I got off of the plane in Vegas a few weeks ago. I was soooo tired and so under prepared that I had to some how conjure up ideas of what to wear with the limited amount of clothing I had in my suitcase. Low and behold I made it work and the inspiration behind my outfit just happened to be a vintage hat Edson found for me at an antique shop. We shot 2 looks, this being the first and the second will drop next month. I wanted it to be pin-up but be very dark and sexy. It is a bit more raunchier than most of my photos but still done tastefully. I had so much fun and I’m so happy with these photos. I cant wait to shoot with Edson again!

Peek inside!

Lingerie/Leather Gloves: Agent Provocateur

Shoes: Steve Madden

Hat: Vintage

Fur Stole: Betsey Johnson

To book Edson Carlos visit his website by clicking here!

14 Comments on “Edson Carlos x Vintage Vandalizm 1.0

  1. Wow! You look amazing! So classy and edgy! So inspiring! Wish you could style me for my fetish website!!!

  2. Can’t believe that after our five hour flight and running off to this photoshoot right after, the pictures came out so lovely. We were also working on a time difference. Can’t believe we stood up that late and everything turned out so well. Great job.

  3. Class act for sure. I think many of us forget how much hard work, effort, and passion goes into this blog. Edson did a phenomenal job behind the camera. It’s so neat to see photographers and their various skills and how they interpret what they see behind the camera. He definitely gave you a vamped up look and I love it. I’m echoing Mama Vandal here: I can’t believe you shot this on a time difference/right off the plane! Another excellent job.

    • Thanks Chandra & all!

      It’s no lie either, I literally went to the airport to scoop up V & Frenchy to take them to their hotel, we went upstairs, unpacked half a bag to get the gear and drove over to our location. There was no downtime, no prep time, straight to business, or shall I say, hotness…

      V was absolutely amazing and perfectly brought the dark angelic theme we discussed to life. It’s interesting that in this same session, we went to a vogueish outdoor setting / style that you’ll see next month in part 2 of our mashup =)


  4. I LOVE IT !!!! Yes, a bit raunchy than ur usual …. Lol…..but tastefully done with class ; )

  5. I love this shoot! Amazing!
    And look! There’s a DUCKY! ^_^ lol

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