Billy’s Antiques & Props!

My friend Ingrid always speaks of an awesome thrifty spot in the city called “Billy’s Antiques”. I have actually been there before but the name seemed to have slipped my mind, however, the treasure I saw there was pretty memorable. This time was no exception. Ingrid and I met up in the lower east side at her friend Ben’s organic shop and then headed to Billy’s to drop by and check out the goods. It was the perfect day for an antique shop visit. I was dressed in 1920s fashion inspired by Hedy Lamarr. I wore my short curly wig and a turban, it was refreshing to change my look. I was drenched in vintage and I finally wore my Tecasan booties! Our day was great, we met some wonderful people, saw some great treasures, found a pair of beautiful vintage earrings, and a really cool vintage table from the 1950s! Check it out inside!

Ini Mac ready to attack!I don’t know what kinda smoothie this is but it was hella-good. Thanks Ben!Lol. My, I can’t see because the-sun-is-in-my-friken-face face.Off to Billy’s!
Already finding treasure as soon as I saw the jewelry table.This clip would look great on my turban.The clip was great but then some pearl clip-on earrings stole my attention and my heart! Aren’t they lovely?I had to have them!This vintage camera was intriguing. Say CHEESE Ini!Like a boss.
I always wanted one of these suitcase closets!I fell in looovve with these vintage leopard seats, if I had the space I would have bought them!They were so comfy too!lol who wants a picture of a horses bum?!
Look at my baby! She went home with me! This table is from the 1950s!Tons of great furniture!I love this Indian Larry sign!Paintings, tv’s, and other treasures.I love that strait jacket.Love these chandelier lamps!Vintage parasols!This one isn’t vintage but it is still cute!It’s a purse lamp!
Found some old shades, that’s Billy in the back.
This is his adorable lovable dog, he is so cute!Mannequin pieces all over the place. Would make for a great art piece.Jay runs Billy’s Antiques and that is his beautiful girlfriend Sarah. I am so glad I met such wonderful people!
Sarah and I being silly lol. I love her!

Thank you Ini for taking such great photos!

Good times!

8 Comments on “Billy’s Antiques & Props!

  1. Love the whole outfit and the Turban looks wonderful on you!!! I’ve been to Billy’s very whimsical place!

  2. Love the turban! The work you do with styling and photo shoots is awesome, I’m glad I stumbled across this blog! I just wish you werent so far away because I would hire you for some styling/ photos. Keep up the good work! Im so happy to find other people as obsessed with all things vintage as I am.

  3. The Turban, everything gorgeous :). Wish you were closer, I would LOVE to work with you on styling for a photoshoot! So glad I stumbled across your blog, keep up the good work!

  4. Omg! I didnt know New Yorkers said hella I thought it was a california thingg! lol V.V you should look into estate sales in New York or your surrounding states their a great way to find vintage furniture, clothes and household items at a bargain!

  5. This look stole my heart! I adore the 1920s!! You two always have the cutest adventures! =)

  6. Hey V.V.! I’m glad you came by and we got to meet, your outfit was to die for!
    I think the website is really great! I can’t wait for you to Vandalize me, lol.
    Come back and visit us again soon 😉

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