Looking at music 3.0 at the MOMA

The other night I made a last-minute pit stop to the MOMA Museum to meet up with my friend Ingrid for their “Looking at music 3.0” event. I had never seen the MOMA so LIVE. Ad Rock from The Beastie Boys was spinning, the music was great, people were dancing, the exhibit was amazing, and I met a lot of great people and also caught up with some familiar faces. It was just an awesome night and couldn’t have been better. Check out more inside.

Doesnt my Ini-Mini-Miny-Mac look great! She is responsible for all of these images from the exhibit below. You all get a first-hand look at the exhibit if you are unable to attend the museum to see it in person.

Q-tip<3Rakim with his big-ass rope chain.I spot Elvis.Ingrid loves these!
Music videos and short films playing.Jay of course.Run DMC!The Soul Sonic Foooooorrrcceeee. My mom used to party with Afrika Bambaataa.That’s most of the exhibit, after we left we came across another exhibit called “Design+the modern kitchen” that featured images of kitchen scenes in old films. Of course this was my favorite.
Such liid-o ladies!Oh! and if you are wondering what I am wearing; this is a Betsey Johnson dress, steve madden satin pumps, a black belt, a pop art clutch, and vintage gloves. Ingrid wore a Zara top and shoes paired with some high-waisted pants, a MCM purse, and jean jacket. Isn’t she loveeellyy?I love all of these kitchen themes and hope to apply them to my dream home one day!Wow, look at that dress!I love old stoves from the 40s-60s. They were so chic.Rich Kitch?We also saw some other art while we were there. I loved these vintage cut-outs!Thug life.Trife life.

The next set of photos features the work/protest of the Guerrilla Girls who fight for the rights of female artists all over the world who don’t get enough or any shine through the media or in Museums. Much props to them for fighting the good fight.These are all facts, sad but true. I can only hope for change.I love stripes! These were pieces of fabric that was mounted to the wall and called art. I would much rather have it as my wallpaper.What a doll!This is my favorite pic of the night, she matches the backdrop so well! Off to the parrrrrtyyyyy!
I threw a penny in here, I am hoping my wish comes true!Go Ad Rock go Ad Rock GO! He had us all wanting to get up and dance!People dancing!Awww I love her!Ran into my friend Jerry at this event and was so happy I did because we got to catch up and hang out!
Ingrid knew a lot of people at this event and introduced me to some of her friends there, one being Jasmine. We clicked right away and it’s not because we had the same name lol! She was very cool and down to earth.Ingrid, her friend Danny (who is also awesome and incredibly talented), Jerry who also knows Danny (small worldddd), And I (The pinup runt who stood out like a sore thumb lol).So happy Jerry was there! He actually took Ingrid and I to a Kenna listening party at a penthouse in Times Square later that night. It was really cool and Kenna was not only hawt but has a great voice. I need to buy the album right away!

The 3.0 Exhibit is still showing at the Moma Museum, however, the Kitchen exhibit is now over (I know, wahhh). I am excited to see more of whats in store for the Moma this year.

Good times!!

4 Comments on “Looking at music 3.0 at the MOMA

  1. I love it!!!! anythign that has to do with Hip-Hop and Grafiti is def cool if only the late ’70’s and ’80s can come back!!!!! those SteveMadden pumps are lookin tufff on the Vintage Queen!! xoxo

  2. Hope to see you again at the “Rumblers” car show this year nena. ;)~~~

  3. Wow I really wish I would’ve gone to that exhibit. As a black female artist that struck such a huge cord with me. Thanks for posting the work there!

  4. First time stumbler on your site. I was looking for some vintage inspirations for my artwork and was very lucky to find your amazing blog through the Google-verse. Anyway, I love your fashion and your look. Plus your blog is so full of content that I could get lost in it in fascination for days. Thanks for sharing, I am a fan! – ELE

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