Business Casual at the G-shock Party.

As soon as I got back from my 2 week adventure in Vegas/California I hit the town with my gal pal Ingrid to attend the G-shock event at the Thompson hotel. I was still sunburnt from my day at Venice beach the day before so I wanted to dress comfortably. I decided to go out in a suit I bought at Zara which is a lot different from my normal feminine dresses and etc.. I think women look regal in suits, not only do you they look great in them when they are properly tailored, but a good suit can affect your confidence as well. I wore this gray suit with a white button down, some leopard pumps from Tecasan, a see-through purse I purchased at VLV,  a pashmina scarf, and a vintage belt and glasses. My friend Ingrid wore a vintage vest over a t-shirt, Zara pants, a jean jacket, some Vogue earrings, and nude wedges.
Love my new purse!My girl has STYLE!
Rawr. I look like a tomato from my trip to Venice beach the day before.
Enjoying the breeze on the terrace.Off to go get cupcakes! I wish I was taking this Vespa with me.Good times!

2 Comments on “Business Casual at the G-shock Party.

  1. I would just like to mention that I’m mad jealous of your friend’s hair. WOW. Both you gals look great! I’m not much of a suit person, but I love a chic blazer + pencil skirt. I wear too much pants too often already.

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