Viva Las Vegas: Day 3!

If you thought day one and day 2 of my trip to Vegas for VLV was jammed with adventure, you havent seen anything yet! The very last day we were in Vegas we made sure we didn’t forget any fun before we were off to California. On day 3 we went back to Buffalo Exchange, enjoyed the garden at the Belagio, headed to the pool at the Orleans, attended the infamous car show, and partied the night away while Will and the Highrollers rocked the stage! Check out more inside!

First stop..Buffalo ExchangeI was so glad I headed back to B.E because I ended up finding even more treasure! This dress being one of them! I love that it fits like a corset and looks like a ballerinas tutu! This dress is really elegant and has great structure too.The length is great too, especially for little ol me! $30
I ended up finding not 1 but 2 Bettie Page Clothing dresses here with the tags still attached! The irony is that I bought 1 dress the day before at the actual store and also wanted these! This one is a simple black dress with a fold at the back. I love it!I actually saw this one at the fashion show and thought it was gorg! It has corseted sides and fits like a charm. Now it is all mine! Both of these dresses were just $30!
Viva Betsey Johnson! I finally have a leopard kimono! $30This dress is one of my favorite finds, I absolutely love that it is total rocker-chic! It fits like a glove, has a slit at the knee, and hugs my boooottayyyy! $18Cant go wrong with a romper! I bought this one because I love the pattern and the fit! $14I also found these great Steve Madden pumps on the way out. These are brand new and cost me just $20!

Off to the Belagio!lol I look like a dufis. By the way, I bought these vintage sandals at B.E too because my feet were killing me lol. Now everything I am wearing in this photo is vintage!I love the decor of the Belagio. Every time I visit they have something new.My momma looks beautiful! She picked the right outfit for the garden too!Butterflies and flowers<3Love this!We visited Paris too! Seeeee! Ingrid where are youuuu?!I spy with my little eye, something with my name!ducky!Batman reads the paper.Guess I found my Elvis?This guy was hilarious, playing his flute horribly and in his underwear too!Someone call shopaholics anonymous.

Off to the Pool and Car Show!I wore a fun outfit that was a little more dark and avant-garde.This was my VLV swimsuit/outfit but it was too cold to get in! My bathing suit is by Agent Provocateur, my top is Betsey Johnson, my sandals and shades are vintage, and so is my hat and belt.lolol

Off to the Car Show!There were so many cars at this event we didnt know where to begin!How cute were these little girls in their little hot rod!Ran into some friends while walking around! Thank you Daniel Rodriguez for this great pic!Look at that orange color!I wanted to take all of these cars home!My favorite!Indian motorcycles!Look at these colors! WOWThis lovely lady is one of my readers!
Gagggggging.Ran into my girl Doris again! Still lovely!The interiors of these whips are just as good as their exteriors!!Met Angela Ryan and she is so sweet!This is my fellow Puerto Rican Rockwell Deville! She has the best makeup skills and works side by side pinup photographer Mitzi who is in the picture below!Mitzi is a great photographer that I have had the pleasure of working with for Mode Merr clothing!WEPA!Can I haz the hello kitty one?Someone call the police! I’d like to be taken away in this police car ;DWell dressed gentlemen!There were also vendors at the car show. This vendor was selling vintage leather jackets and helmets!The VLV hotrod!Wowza!Caught a glimpse of Elvira herself before checking out other vendors. She hasnt aged at all!I purchased one of these Rat Fink tees, couldn’t resist!I fell in love with these swimsuits!My momma bought me this really cool necklace this lovely lady is holding. This girl actually makes these beautiful jewels. She was really sweet!I found a really cool vendor who creates these really cool custom earrings and couldn’t resist getting a few pair!Bought these!I also bought a few other things that I didn’t get to take photos of at the event like these skeleton hand clips and these beautiful cat-eye glasses below!Bye bye car show!
Later that night..This dress is my gem out of allll of my vintage dresses. I feel like it is haunted because I have had it for years and every time I tried to wear it or have worn it, somehow, someway, something bad would always happen. Not tonight, I had broken the curse and finally wore one of my most prized possessions at the RIGHT event too. It was perfect, my hair was behaving, my makeup was just right, and I now had a new pair of cat-eyes to compliment my look. I also wore my Karen Millen swarovski clutch and shoes along with my vintage lavender hat and costume jewelry.It was perfect and I was so happy I could finally wear this outfit at an event where it would actually be appreciated.I felt like a princess..When we got outside we saw a really cool classic car, I was in love!
At the Orleans and I bumped into my girl Amandita and her lovely friend!

Before heading to see the bands play we made one last trip to the vendors and bought these gems!Cant wait to get frames on these bad girls! Deadstock!I LOVE this purse and bought it from one of my favorite vendors Roberto! He remembered me from 2 years ago!

Off to see out friends Will and the Highrollers play at one of the ballrooms!This is the end of our stay in Vegas! Stay tuned for my posts on my adventures in California!

9 Comments on “Viva Las Vegas: Day 3!

  1. You are so cute I could just DIE! I love all of these outfits; I wouldn’t even know where to start gushing on how great they are. The red dress is just divine and so is the kimono! I love all your vintage glasses, too. I had some great old cat-eyes that broke after much wear and love and have been itching for a new pair. Can’t wait for the California pictures.

  2. You are just too amazing Jazie… you look like you just came out of a movie scene in every picture! I love it! and you have the only luck at Buffalo Exchange- your always getting the super dooper bargains!! I ts is always an adventure reading your blogs!! Xoxo Love ya !

  3. OMG!!!! You have by far the BEST style EVER!!!! You and your mom looked like you were having a wonderful time!!!! I am sooooo jealous of the Betsey Leopard Kimono!!! LOL…..I hope there will be more posts!!!!

  4. I bought 3 Rat Fink shirts. They were really great! Loved the looks, very lovely. I wish I had seen you there, I would have loved a picture with you. Next year 😉

  5. I am swooning over your finds!! You looked like you had a blast and most importantly, looked FABULOUS during your trip!! 🙂

  6. So, so agree with Rosemary..”.. you look like you just came out of a movie scene in every picture!….only luck at Buffalo Exchange….. super dooper bargains” Just gotta love your every move, such talent ; )

  7. WOW! just amazing!
    Looks like you had an EPIC 3 day vacay!
    Jeez now i can see why you had to get another suitcase to come back with. So many clothes! Jealous you got to see Elvira! ^_^
    Im definitely hitting you up for spots to hit up whenever i go to vegas! XD
    Another great post Jasmin!

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