Viva Las Vegas: Day two!

Day 2 of my trip to Vegas had even more in store as we visited Ceasars Palace, shopped at the Bettie Page store, saw some great new pinup clothing brands at the VLV Fashion show, and experienced what VLV nightlife had to offer with friends!

Check it out inside!This was a normal morning outside of the Palms. We saw tons of old cars throughout the Vegas area. My momma looks pretty in her yellow dress ❤I was exhausted but still kept on going. This is me playing the slots before breakfast.Of course I went for desert before my actual meal. Pshh what a sweet tooth!Tired Face. lolI wore nothing but vintage that day and some flats from all the walking I would have to do around the Vegas strip lol.The restrooms next door at the Gold Coast were really pretty.Beautiful day in Vegas!I love this pic of my momma. She looks beautiful!Ceasars Palace!My Mom laughing at the nakedness.Lmao, tiny lil thing.I love this little bar at Ceasars just because it looks like an under the sea Atlantis.I love mermaids! This reminded me of my friend Enchante who loves em too!Wish this tank had fishes, hmmm it was empty.
The Pussycat dolls have a lil line of fan clothing? Really?Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!
John Varvatos knows how to dress a man. SWOONDior leaves me wanting more ❤Bettie Page Fringe and beautiful style!La Puuuurrrrrrrr- la. Meow.Tired Face. lmaoThe Bettie Page store! Wide awake now!I need this guitar in my life.
Went full-on shopping at the Bettie Page clothing store and bought a bathing suit by Beach Bash, some lingerie by Olivia De Berardinis, and an awesome Bettie Page Clothing dress! I love this shop/company and the customer service was great. That beautiful girl behind the register is Crystal, she was awesome and extremely sweet.This is the dress I purchased modeled by my good friend Bernie Dexter. I actually have this dress in the opposite colorway and it fits and looks so great, I just had to get it in this color too!This is the swimsuit I purchased, it is by Bettie Page Clothing’s new affiliate Beach Bash. This swim suit looks awesome on and fits me a little more high-waisted than this photo. The collection of swimsuits are also really affordable so you all should check it out. I love it and am so excited to wear it!I always wondered why Olivia never mad lingerie considering her paintings were always dressed so fashionably. Low and behold she now sells lingerie sets in these collectible boxes. Everything these painted ladies are wearing is in these little boxes. These were my favorite and I had to have them. It is a shame the boxes got shambled through my bag check at the airport 😦Off to VLV to see the Fashion show and visit some more vendors!The Retro-a-go-go booth at the Vendor section is one of my favorites. I always find great things there. This time I left with 2 umbrellas! Check em out below!They were just $10!These are photos from the VLV Fashion show! I actually modeled for Bettie Page Clothing at this show 2 years ago and was so excited to see fresh faces and new brands at this one. There was a little mix up when we arrived and the doorman told us seats were sold out, but when we came back after shopping they told us there were more seats? yeah, we were confused and now upset but atleast got to see the last 3 brands.
These dolls are modeling Switchblade Stilleto‘s a purrrrrfect pinup brand that knows how much a gal loves leopard.This line is called Secrets in Lace, I absolutely adore this brand of lingerie from the cover-up baby dolls to the garter skirts.Last but most certainly not least was my favorite Bettie Page Clothing! I was soooo happy I got to see this show as this was the one I was anticipating. Check out some new and classic BPC styles!Bravo Tatyana! I love the people over at BPC, they are such wonderful people. Seeing the BPC part of the show made my night!

Now for some nightlife entertainment!I was feeling a little bit frisky this night so I dressed in all black.My dress and stole is by Betsey Johnson, my stockings and gloves are by Agent Provocateur, my shoes are from Top Shop, my ring is byEvol Heist, and my belt is vintage.Snake Seams! sssssssss.It was a full house, I mean Hotel!It was good bumping into a few of my friends and some new ones too like Riannon and her Beau Danny!So happy I got to see my girl Kandy! She is a Betsey Johnson queen too and always looks fabulous!The whole crew of the night, Look at Edson from! So glad I got to spend some time with him too while out in Vegas!
Ran into fellow pinup model Jessamyn, I absolutely adore this girl and she is so sweet!So happy I got to see my girl Doris Day! She always looks beautiful and has a charismatic personality that shines through!Good times! Stay tuned for day 3!

9 Comments on “Viva Las Vegas: Day two!

  1. Love the green dress and hat, and the umbrellas you got are to die for! What an awesome idea for olivia lingerie, I’m curious to see what the actual lingerie looks like. her paintings are so dreamy, I just can’t imagine her creations coming to life!

  2. I love, love, love your green dress and hat, it has such a spring feel. I always enjoy your transformations from day to evening so your all black ensemble was fantastic. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

  3. Even in a sea of pin ups, you still stood out and looked AMAZING.

  4. So glad i got to see you in Vegas! Wish it hadn’t been so brief!
    Are you going to Ink n Iron next month?

  5. Your ‘mom’? That’s your equally hot older sister! Quit lying! XD

  6. I loved your all black outfit! Its the best ^_^ wow
    great second day!

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