Hanna gets Pin-ed up!

Hanna commissioned Frank Antonio and I for a pinup package a few weeks ago and wanted to do a 1950s and 1970s theme. I rose up to thee occasion and made this brown sugar look delightfully sweet in a white bodysuit and high socks from American Apparel, a cute leather waist belt, a Betsey Johnson necklace, and some gold vintage skates from an Agent Provocateur display. I wanted to give her gold tones for her makeup so I gave her gold shadows over her cat eye, a goldish brown cheek, and some florescent lip gloss. For the next look she wanted something pin-up and after trying on a few of the dresses I brought she was sold on a Bebe wrap-dress that is pretty popular with the pinups I have worked with. I was a little hesitant at having her wear it as someone already used it but she looked so lovely in it that I just changed up the styling and she looked great! I customized a vintage hat for her right there and then and gave her some short black vintage gloves. For her makeup I gave her a shiny rosy cheek, red gloss, darker brows, and a subtle cat eye.

For more info on Pinup Packages see details below!

5 Comments on “Hanna gets Pin-ed up!

  1. I love your pics!!! Great job! Where are you located? I’d love to do a set with you. Keep on keeping on!


  2. she looks super hot!! and teh beeb dress looks SOOOOO good on her!! A+++++ JOB!!

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