Vintage Find: Lucky from Kentucky!

A few weeks ago, my friend Edson was posting a whole bunch of items that caught his eye at a vintage shop in Kentucky. One of the items he happened to post this hat and I had a heart attack, called him, and had him purchase it for me. I can literally shop vicariously through him because he always finds great stuff at vintage/antique shops. We think it may be a vintage hearse drivers cap but we aren’t quite sure. This may also be an old cadet’s cap from a school band or something. Whatever it is; when I headed down to Vegas this hat was the inspiration for my photo shoot with him and trust me, it was one hell of  a shoot! Pics from that shoot coming soon!

6 Comments on “Vintage Find: Lucky from Kentucky!

  1. O-M-G girl, what red lipstick is that?? You look amazing in this pic and that hat is a really cool find!

  2. Marilyn Manson used to wear one just like that during The Golden Age of Grotesque. Didnt know that it might be a hearse drivers hat! Thanks for the insight,


  3. My husband is a Freemason and he says its an old Knights Templar hat, possibly from the 30’s or 40’s. They have since changed and now wear a kinda Napoleonic looking hat. Hope this helps. Love everything about this blog!

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