Elizabeth gets Pin-ed up!

Elizabeth Rivera is a bombshell from Brooklyn who can pass as Etta James. Elizabeth loves the pinup scene and has been an Etsy model for sometime now so she was a natural on film. Her bubbly personality and effortless charm shines through her photos and she pulled off both looks very well.

Elizabeth wanted to pay tribute to Puerto Rico so for the first look she wore a dress by “Butch Diva” that had an exotic parrot print. The dress was great and super colorful so I gave her gold door knocker earrings, gold bangles, a gold link necklace, vintage gold gloves and a navy belt, and YSL Tribute shoes in navy blue. I styled her hair in a pomp up front and curled the rest of it. I gave her a modern pinup look by giving her a bold cat eye, reddish orange blush, and an orange lip. For the second look I wanted to channel Josephine Baker so I gave Elizabeth a more 1920s look. I put her in a vintage showgirl dress, a custom head band with crystals and feathers, a vintage watch and fur stole, and some Steve Madden platforms. I kept her hair at its natural state, and gave her a smokey cat eye, soft pink shimmering blush, and a nude lip. She looked amazing!

Info for booking below!


8 Comments on “Elizabeth gets Pin-ed up!

  1. Wow…I love the pics. It is very rare you see black pin-up models. I LOVE the pics can say it enough.

  2. This girl is GORGEOUS. I LOVE the 20s look!
    I know your super busy at Viva but do you have any recommendations to find a fur shrug like the one she’s wearing? I need to find a vintage gray one for my wedding.

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    I saved in my inspiration folder! Wonderful! Beautiful photos!

  4. Do you do any personal shopping consultations!? It’s a struggle for me to find pin-upesque clothing in stores, so I always end up buying online. I would love for you to dress me!

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