DEALS: United Nude at PEACH FROG

Peach Frog in Williamsburg Brooklyn is definitely an underrated gem of a shop. I have been shopping from this store since it opened and am never disappointed. Peach Frog has a great and steady rotation of great designer pieces from all over the world at ridiculously cheap prices. This place is like a never-ending sample sale that goes on and on; one you could never miss and will always be there. The customer service is great too, the owner and his staff is always informative about their brands and upcoming sales.

Yesterday while I was in Williamsburg I took one of my clients to Peach Frog so she could see what the fuss was about. I always tell my clients about this store and every time I have brought a client there, they left with shopping bags full of clothes, shoes, and accessories. In this case I found my client two very sexy dresses and while she was trying them on, I actually found something for myself..These United Nude neon green block pumps. I saw these in an editorial spread a few months ago and was floored by the architectural feel they have to them, not to mention the color. I am not a fan of wearing too much neon at once but I can see myself wearing these with one of my all-black Avant Garde outfits and I do love a pinch of shock value along with the beauty of architecture. United Nude has a few shoes on my hit list especially this one style called “Lo Res” which is a crystalized Mary Jane. United Nude is extremely innovative and defy the odds with their designs. I guess the shoe-niverse was on my side once again! I was in love and totally cheating on my Freja Alexander McQueen boots like a true fashion-whore. What can I say? I had to have them and at $80 I couldn’t resist, and because I have a membership to Peach Frog for being a loyal customer..I paid even LESS. These babies will run you $285 at the United Nude shop but if you live in the NY area and can venture off to Peach Frog in Brooklyn, you’d get a SUPER DEAL. I just thought I would spread the wealth ;).

 These are all the styles of United Nude shoes you will find at Peach Frog.

There is a high heel version of these there too.

They also had these in Black & White in high or low heels.

These also came in white.

Some styles you don’t see here are on sale at the United Nude website too! Check it out!

Check out the Peach Frog website and sign up for their mailing list for upcoming deals!


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