Bernie Dexter SIREN Capri Pants!

Women always ask me “Where can I find the perfect pinup capri pants?” and for a long time I didn’t have an answer because I was also looking for the perfect pair. Many companies that make capri pants just don’t ever get the fit or the length right and sometimes the fabric is uncomfortable. Plus who wants to spend an arm and a leg on capri pants that don’t fit right? Low and behold, leave it up to my favorite and famous pinup model and friend Bernie Dexter to save the day with her incredible knowledge of the rockabilly lifestyle and fashion from the 1950s and 60s. Bernie Dexter has created THEE perfect pinup capri at a great price that not only fits well but looks great. I couldn’t believe it..When I tried these denim capris from her line, they fit me so perfectly and the stretch denim is so comfortable I can dance, run, and even do a split in them (if I was that flexible lol). I have only had them for a short time now and have worn them to death because I love them so much. No wonder she calls them the “Siren Capri“, they are so sexy! how could I not wear them all the time? Bernie also makes these pants in a blue denim shade as well. I totally need them and will be adding that to my collection of her pieces soon. I took some photos in the pants yesterday at my friend’s place, check it out!

Your prayers were answered pinup queens! Now go get your perfect capris!

Photos by: Derek Santiago

6 Comments on “Bernie Dexter SIREN Capri Pants!

  1. I adore this!! So sassy… definitely gonna click on over to check out those pants but I must say what drew me in to your blog was that scarf. Gotta find one!

  2. Hi there 🙂
    You are adorable in every post!
    Can I ask where did you get your bamboo earrings?

  3. I love the photos! My question, where’d you get the top??? I’ve been SEARCHING for one like it!!!
    Such a beautiful outfit!

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