Let me introduce you to my new girlfriend FREJA.

I hate to be public about my new relationship but I am so deeply in love I want to shout it out to the world! I met Freja sitting on a shelf at Barney’s and thought she was super hot but too expensive. There was something about Freja, she’s every thing I ever wanted, drenched in leather, zippers, a corset, and 5 inch heels. Ever since then I could never stop thinking about her until fate brought us together again. Just a week ago my aunt Alex was telling me she bought an extra pair of brand new Alexander Wang boots and that she was going to sell them because they didn’t fit. Alex opened the box to show me the boots and there she was, my darling Freja..back in my arms. So I bought them off of her and Freja and I got married.

You can wear the boot flaps up or down.

I already took Freja out for a spin…

and we lived happily ever after.

The end.

10 Comments on “Let me introduce you to my new girlfriend FREJA.

  1. I hope Rex doesn’t get jealous!! Amazing how shoe fate happens, right?!

  2. You definitely have a reason to brag….. the boots are just too hot to not to!

  3. I have been following you blog for a while now but never commented…but this right here and cannot just look at and smile…those boots are ridiculous ive seen the shorter version lurking around town but these long ones are heaven sent and you rock them very well VV…hott yet again!!

  4. OMG! Girl those boots are AMMMMMAZING!!! Freja “had you at hello” I know the feeling…LMAO. You rock them well chicky ❤ enjoy those bad boys!!!!

  5. The 2 of u were meant to be…..wishing u two much happiness & longevity ; )

  6. You were meant to have those boots for real. She compliments you so well. Match made in heaven!!! Congrats on the marriage 😉

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