Rosemary gets Pin-ed up!

Rosemary Paulino is a latin dancing queen from Queens who commissioned Frank Antonio & I to pin her up a few weeks ago. I got a feel of Rosemary’s character and envisioned her in red as she told me she will be traveling to Spain soon to teach dancing classes. I styled her in a red wrap dress by BCBG, Agent provocateur gloves, a Vintage Garrison cap, gun-metal crystal earrings, and some black patent pumps. I gave her victory rolls that intertwined with the hat perfectly. I gave her a thicker cat eye than my classic cat eye, soft coral cheeks, and a red lip.

For the second look I gave Rosemary a look inspired by the 1920s. I styled her in a Betsey Johnson corset dress, black vintage gloves, black pumps, a vintage hat, and vintage jewelry. I styled her hair in finger waves that led to a beautiful braided bun. For her makeup I was inspired by the colors of peacock feathers which is why I decided to put her in a navy blue hat. I gave her an iridescent smokey eye with shades of gold, navy blue, and lime green. To give her eyes more definition I gave her a clean cat eye, darkened her eyebrows, and accentuated her cheek bones with a slightly darker blush. Because her eyes were dramatic, I gave her a nude shiny lip.

Rosemary is just one of many fabulous women I have had the pleasure to style within the past few weeks. Frank did a wonderful job with these photos. She looked beautiful and exuded natural confidence that was effortlessly expressed in her photographs. Thank you for allowing me to share your experience on my blog. I wish you the best on your journey and hope that you keep that dancing free spirit alive.

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10 Comments on “Rosemary gets Pin-ed up!

  1. I will initiate my testimonial working with Vintage Vandalizm by saying that Jasmin is a TRUE professional at what she does! Her ability to take a look at a piece of clothing and styling it to the core in minutes is incredible! For my first look Jasmin styled me in a rich red BCBG wrap dress. When I first tried it on the sleeves were too long causing a horrible loose fitted affect on me. Although I loved the dress, I was disappointed with the fitting and was about to try on something else. Then she took one look at me and said “hold on I have an idea”. Next thing you know she comes back with black leather Agent Provacateur gloves which solved the sleeve issue and gave the dress a whole new look that rocked!

    Jasmin is very pleasant to work with. She’s humorous, down to earth and very committed in bringing out the best of you with her styling. I learned so much from her. I was truly amazed by the simplicity of the pin-up hairstyling techniques she showed me and was also content with the minimal amount of makeup she used on me. I have done numerous amounts of photo shoots where the makeup artist “cakes” me up so much that sometimes I don’t even look like myself! She truly brought out the natural beauty in me which complimented the exquisite and glamorous vintage look.

    I have been a fan of Frank Antonio’s work for years, although I just recently became acquainted with Vintage Vandalizm, when I read about the Pin-up package, I felt like it was an offer that I couldn’t refuse! Shooting with Frank was a lot of fun. When you shoot with Frank, you’re your own boss! After I saw the photos, I was ecstatic with the results!

    THANK YOU Jasmin for revamping me into a 1950’s Hollywood starlet and what I call “a 1920’s Harlem enchantment”. You have inspired me to go Vintage and I will support everything you do! XoxO….

    I would also like to thank the lovely assistance of Ms. Enchante Aparisio- she really knows her make up!

    Ladies, do not hesitate to let Vintage Vandalizm and Frank Antonio help you re-live the glamorous era that our grandparents and parents lived through. It is an unforgettable experience and I’m looking forward to working with Jasmin in the future- you will too! So stop procrastinating and contact her immediately!

  2. Rosemary you rocked it girl! You looked beautiful and you were glowing 🙂
    Jasmin as always Brava!!

  3. It’s a great job, all of you! 🙂

    I love this blog, but something i miss is a guide or some photos that shows how a less-curvy girl can get the pinup look, without use of corset and pushup bra (if that’s possible).

    • Thank you <3. This is beyond my control, these are the women who commission me. Anyone can be pinup, you can be tall, small, slim, curvy, black, or white. The pinup look isn't limited or prejudice. I am sure somewhere down the line someone slim will commission me but until then this is what Ive got. xo

  4. Reblogged this on R o s e m a r y P a u l i n o ♕ and commented:
    Two years ago I commissioned Ms. Jasmine Rodriguez for a pin-up shoot in collaboration with New York City’s own, world renowned photographer Frank Antonio. Working with Jasmine was an unforgettable experience. Jasmine is truly the best Vintage [inspired] stylist I’ve ever met. She has inspired me and continues to inspire me through her blog. She is such a fascinating woman! Sadly she will be moving to Las Vegas at the end of this year. Jasmine- I wish you continued success in everything that you pursue! XoXo Stay tuned, she’s working on her own designer line! Here is the repost of my featuring on

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