Vintage Finds: Peach Frog, Asos, Buffalo and more!

These are a few things that fell under the radar last month because I didn’t have time to post them and forgot in the giant mountain of never-ending clothes I have in my closet :). Finally I riled up some of my new things to show you a forecast of what I will be wearing this Spring with an exception of items I will be wearing in fall. Spring and Summer are the best times to buy Fall and Winter stuff. Now is the time to take advantage of those sales so when Fall comes around you are prepared. Or maybe that is just my excuse to justify buying a pair of fingerless fur gloves. I mean…How could I resist? They were only $7! Ok, Ok, just look inside for yourself and you can be the judge.


Peach Frog is a great shop located at the heart of Williamsburg. I absolutely love it because you never know what you will find there. Peach Frog has a steady rotation of great designer brands, some being well-known, some that are so rare you’d be lucky to find it here in the states. What makes it even better is the fact that the prices are ridiculously cheap.

This white button-down body suit by Gestuz is one of the great Items I found there a few weeks ago. I styled it with my Betsey Johnson blazer, a black bow tie, a waist belt, my Beaver Bowler hat, and spectator pumps. I would like to wear this outfit for a photo shoot, I guess you all can stay tuned ;). $20

I also found these great leather/fur fingerless gloves there. They were the lassst pair and I nearly died when I tried them on. Sadly these gloves don’t have a designers label inside so I wouldn’t be able to tell you who makes them :/. $7

Amazing right?!

There is a funny story behind this outfit. It may look like a dress but its a top and skirt. The only thing is that I bought this skirt months ago at H&M on the sale rack for $10. I found this top at Peach Frog and it is actually by “Rych”. Two totally different designers who used the same fabric made it possible for me to pair these two items together to create greatness.

Not bad huh?


I find it hard to find the perfect skirt these days. I am so short so It needs to be the perfect length. I found this skirt at Buffalo and immediately gravitated towards it because not only was it the perfect length but it was vintage and fit my waist just right. The pattern was also subtle and beautiful. Many vintage patterns are pretty wacky and unflattering at times but this one works great. $9

I always find things while I am at the checkout..I scooped this BEAUTIFUL Burlesque scarf while waiting to pay for my items and all I can say is WOW. This scarf is so elegant and beautiful, I am probably going to wear it every day. It was a little pricey but worth every penny. $16

You can always count on the window displays for the best stuff at Buffalo. I saw this beautiful H&M skirt right away and had to have it. Can you blame me? look at that floral pattern! $13

I am a sucker for floral prints.

This is a great little Marc Jacobs translucent corset I found that I cant wait to pair with some of my outfits. $19. I actually found a great American Apparel top that goes perfect with it. Check it out below!

This top was only $9.

Use your imagination, its perfect!

I found these great high-waisted leather shorts as well.

These are by H&M and were only $11.

My boots are from Asos, I kept seeing them on fashion blogs and I finally found them on SALE too! The clear heel and cut outs are just perfect! $80

This is a cool vintage dress I found. At first I wasnt crazy about all of the button details on the chest but I saw some potential and after trying it on, I was SOLD. It has a militant feel to it and I LOVE anything that makes me look and feel powerful. The back of the dress has an opening too that exposes your back. This dress paired with my Garrison cap, Agent Provocateur leather gloves, and patent Steve Madden pumps makes a huge statement. $10

I love it love it love it!

That’s all for Vintage Finds folks! The next time I have another Vintage Finds post, it will be when I get back from Vegas and LA as I am leaving in just 2 weeks!

If you live in the NY area and like what you see and would like a Personal Shopping experience with me, please send your inquiries to Let me shop for you!

12 Comments on “Vintage Finds: Peach Frog, Asos, Buffalo and more!

  1. Woohoo! I love everything (duh). But the best thing of all? That side ponytail/swooped bangs hairdo! I love it! Sooo cute. I love full vintage skirts/floral prints, so I love the skirts you found at Buffalo!

  2. Two thumbs up… that military dress looks fierceeeee on you! xoxox

  3. I absolutely love the green vintage skirt. Are you wearing it with a petticoat underneath though? I have a couple of 50s cut skirts but even if I use a belt I can never get them to look like that.

    • Thank you sweets! I am wearing a petticoat underneath, my pettycoat is by Betsey Johnson. BJ makes really great ones that are not too fluffy and the perfect length. XOXO

      • I need to look into this. I feel like wearing a skirt like this with and without petticoat is like wearing two different things. Thanks so much for replying!! 🙂

  4. My god ….”What can I say?” All of the pics are beautiful…you are AMAZING!!!!

  5. Hey girl! I am totally obsessed with your findings! Is there any way you can take me with you one day so I can shop too? I would def love that!!! Your Mandee girl, Zenny 😉 xoxo

  6. You look amazing in everything! Such a doll! My favourite is that last outfit, I want those leather opera gloves!

  7. Hey I’m every interested in both of the floral skirts please let me know if your selling them…. contact me at 917-557-2545

  8. I am on the HUNT for some plus size high-waisted leather shorts. LOVE those on you! And that floral skirt, yes please! I cleaned my closet the other day and found so much floral prints for summer. 🙂

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