I will be there meeting, greeting, and dressing you dolls up<3!


  1. Ummm… what happened to your online store? I love your treasures. 😦

  2. Have u ever thought about buying purses from the sample sale and selling them on your online store or ebay? Im a huge betsey johnson lover but can only find her handbags occasionally, so i visit ebay to find some good deals… you should really think about it for all us people who love betsey but dont have a store nearby! the closest store to me is the betsey johnson outlet which is 4 hours away!!!!!!! i waste more money in gas than in the store.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!!!!! Wish I lived in New York for chances like the BJ sample sales!!! I will just admire your purchases!!!!

  4. I love most things Betsey, because they are uber cute. I got these tights in berry colour, they go so well with dark tunic tops and i absolutely adore the way they look. They definitely turn heads (yes i like to show legs) but i bought them for that very reason. Betsey tights are a bit longer but I am almost 6 feet tall so they fit me perfect. One thing that bugs me a lot is that top elastic band has a joining seam in the back, which pinches a fair bit. I have been working around that by flipping them over but I don’t think they were designed for that, since the elastic band is all shiny etc. I wish they had used a seamless elastic band, for that reason i give it four stars. Wear high top bikini briefs underneath and you wont feel the seam, otherwise it will bother you all day. Good luck with your purchase.

  5. OOOH will you be posting all of your purchases????? I am excited to see what you get!!! I have never been able to afford the BJ clothing and have just found out that the outlet store has opened up 2 hours from me!!!!! I will be revamping my wardrobe piece by piece 🙂

  6. Do you know if we will be able to phone in orders if we live out of state? I have my eye on the Pow! Poof! Strapless dress in Teal but it’s $398 at my local store and online. If I can score this through the sample sale, I can easily afford it!

    Have fun at the sale, I look forward to see what you get! xo

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