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Phyllis Lubarsky of Outer Vision NYC, is a native New Yorker who is passionate about eyewear. Founded in 1978, Outer Vision is your go-to shop if you want great customized service and desire frames that fit your look and personality. If you have to wear sunglasses or prescribed frames everyday, you want to get frames that not only look great but fit your face perfectly. It is frustrating to find a pair you really like and then realize they are falling off your nose or are too tightly gripped to your face. At Outer Vision, you get a consultation with Phyllis and she will customize your frames to your liking, whether you are a business man/woman who prefers sleek and chic frames or a glamazon who wants chic and shine. Outer Vision provides an unparalleled range of products including prescription and non-prescription sunglasses and eyewear. They can also make any pair of frames sparkle by crystallizing those cat-eyes with a variety of swarovski crystals. At the Outer Vision shop you will also find a variety of accessories to pair with your frames. Outer Vision is full of gems and also showcases jewelry, lipstick cases, hair accessories, and more. All crystallized with swarovski crystals.

I had my own consultation with Phyllis and she customized a variety of items to my liking using a state of the art computer program that customize everything right down to the metal fixtures of your frames. This is what separates Outer Vision from other optical shops, every item you leave with is a direct interpretation of YOU. Phyllis was extremely helpful and provided exceptional customer service and understood my personality perfectly. Just check out OV’s Yelp reviews! In this post you will see the items I had customized and just half of what Outer Vision offers.

UPDATE*: Get 10% off on your first pair of Ready-Wear glasses at Outer Vision NYC now through 4/30/11! Call (212) 207-8181 to book your appointment!

Custom Aviators with red and white crystals.

Custom Cat eyes with brown Crystals, lipstick case with gold crystals, and leopard ring. Who doesn’t love a shiny lipstick case? I totally needed this.

These brown crystalized cat-eyes fit me best. The color is subtle and I didn’t want them to be too flashy but still pop. They fit my face and proportion of my eyes perfectly.

This is a leopard eye-glass case that holds reading glasses. It is so cute and I use it not only for my glasses but for my lipstick too. These photos do these items little justice, they sparkle from a block away.

This leopard watch and ring match my cat-eyes perfectly. Outer Vision offers a variety of designs for watches.

Outer Vision also carries other designer brands like Tom Davies, Ready to Wear, Limited Edition, and Bespoke Eyewear that are only sold at OV and can be customized as well. You can customize the:


  • Color: full range of color customizing
  • Size: custom fit to your face and head
  • Detail: customize your eyewear down to the smallest detail
  • Personalize: pick any word or phrase you want to appear inside your eyewear, from your name to your phone number (in case your glasses get lost) — or whatever suits you best
  • The beautiful ring in this photo has a one-size-fits-all band that stretches to the size of your fingers. You can get the watch to match and customize that as well.

    Many Outer Vision products can be matched like these cat-eyes, watch, and bracelet. These cat eyes are bigger than the other cat-eyes you saw in previous photos because they are bigger.

    This watch has butterfly designs on it.

    I also love these red cat-eye glasses to go with my red lipstick I wear all the time. It doesn’t hurt that I have a pen and bracelet to match 😉

    These jewelry pieces come in a variety of colors and designs.

    I love how they match my dress perfectly.

    Here are the products up close.

    This cute red purse is actually an eyeglass case. Outer Vision has a variety of eyeglass cases/purses to choose from.

    Outer Vision is located at the heart of New York City and you’d be crazy not to set up an appointment for a consultation right away. Stop buying frames that are made to fit everyone and start investing in frames that fit YOU. Head over to the Outer Vision site now!

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    If you are not in the NY area phone orders are also welcomed!

    Please call 212-207-8181

    Photogragher: Lane Bensen of Bunny Lane Photography

    Hair, Makeup, Wardrobe: Moi

    Produced by Network Design and Communications

    7 Comments on “Outer Vision NYC

    1. Love all the glasses and acessories, want them all. You look beautiful in all your pics..Great job!

    2. This sounds perfeeeeccct for me, my face is small and they just seem to never get it right over the years! I’m sold! Every piece was timeless and looked very durable! On another note, girl you look FANTASTIC these photos!!!!

    3. Wow your hair and make up look amazing and you wore exactly the perfect thing for each of the pieces, love this 😀

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