Eighteenth NYC: 6 ways you can wear this skirt.


Eighteenth is an avant-garde contemporary brand that creates clothing with abstract cut-outs and angled hems. Eighteenth creates a range of skirts, dresses, tanks, and tops you can wear and pair with anything. I am a huge fan of oversized cropped tops and great cut-outs so I personally love the collection. I also love that their pieces are made of 100% Rayon & Spandex Jersey which means you are guaranteed comfort. Eighteenth may seem simple to the average eye but many pieces from the SS2011 collection can be worn in many different ways. I recently received this angled skirt from their SS2011 collection and I will show how you can transform this skirt into day/night in 6 different ways.

Because this skirt is black and jersey material, you can wear it with almost anything. This top is actually a scarf but looks great and exotic if you are going to the beach or to a party in the Summer.

If you are into the 1950s and fancy a more high-waisted skirt you can just pull it up and secure it with a waist belt. Add a great hat and some gloves and your good to go.

Then, if you want to make it into a dress all you have to do is connect it to your top and secure it with a belt as well. This leaves you more covered but has sex appeal with the exposed leg.

This is a more Avant Garde look. I just threw on a jersey sweater I had that also has angled hems and I belted it at the waste and put on some wedges. This is edgy but still sexy. The key is balancing the contrasts.

This sweater creates a bustle in the back which is also cool. Everyone should own a drapped sweater with angled hems, it is comfortable and always flattering no matter what you pair it with.

Because the sweater has angled hems, I am able to wrap it around and tie it in the back creating a sexy V-neck top. Wrap it around the skirt and you have just created another dress. I wore a belt around it and paired this dress with gloves and that scarf I used as a top previously and it looks great!

Last but certainly not least, to create a more pinup look, just throw on a fur stole and a vintage hat and now you have transformed that simple sexy jersey dress into a sassy dress for a night out on the town.

As you can see these “basic” pieces can be transformed into many great outfits if you just have a little imagination. If I want to pack light for a vacation, all Id have to bring is this skirt, the sweater, the scarf, gloves, a hat, and some pumps and I’d have 6 outfits to play around with!

Go to the Eleventeenth shop now!

Side note* Please excuse my exhausted face in these pictures. Crazy week readers!


10 Comments on “Eighteenth NYC: 6 ways you can wear this skirt.

  1. I love abstract skirts! Your 6 looks are hot!! Especially the last one with the fur! Xoxox

  2. such a fan of this skirt. i love em all! but the fur with the vintage hat is my fav look!

  3. I love the way you’ve styled this skirt. I don’t think I would dare wear a skirt like it, but I love the way it looks here.

  4. Im absolutely loving all the looks, Avant Garde is my favorite fashion and I love how you incorporated all these difference pieces and still kept it interesting! I also wanted to point out the portrait in the background, lol shes wearing a similar skirt as well. Hahaha loving the blogs keep them coming ❤

  5. hey is it possible to see with some form of color as opposed to black?

    • Personally, I wouldnt wear this skirt with anything colorful. I am basically showing how you can go from day to night with just a few items and work around the skirt.

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