Jenny Berger gets Pin-ed up by V.V!

I was comissioned by a lovely lady named Jenny Berger to style her for a pinup photoshoot. We did about 6 looks and it wasnt hard to style her at all because she was a natural! She looked beautiful in every look! I gave her a pompadour, soft waves, and victory rolls depending on the outfits. I kept the makup light and classic. These photos were shot by her beau Richard Ortega who just happens to be a great photographer. We shot at her house before she was off to start her own business in Orlando Florida called “ICandy Chocolate Fountains“, a Desert catering business that sounds DELISH! Check out the photos inside!

I had such a wonderful time styling Jenny, she looked beautiful!

Hope you all like the photos!

For rates and inquiries on my pinup styling email!


7 Comments on “Jenny Berger gets Pin-ed up by V.V!

  1. Great job she looked so cute. I love the picture with the mop picking up her dress. She could of shared the love by sending some of those cupcakes home to your momma.

  2. Great Job on the make up and styling!
    Great Photo-shoot!
    awesome vid as well ^_^

  3. I love it!!! Jenny looks amazing in all her looks!!! The Queen Of Vintage does it again!! the picture with teh mop is HILARIOUS! it reminded me of I Love Lucy!!

  4. Ahhh What an amazing experience Jasmin! I can gracefully move onto the next phase of my life now that I have captured the essence of my 25 and under fun years! lol… You are such a talent and you will soar one pin up babe at a time! Thank you for this wonderful post! xoxo

  5. Great styling! But it’s too bad about the overly blurred airbrushing–she’s so naturally beautiful..would’ve loved to see Frank’s or maybe even Derek’s take on the shoot.

    Can’t wait to see the next one! =D

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