Limited Edition Patricia Field Barbie Satchel!

This is a limited edition Patricia Fields Barbie satchel I got my hands on this week. I think it is safe to say that I am obsessed with Barbie. I hated dolls when I was little and Barbie was the only exception. I aspired to be just like her as a kid and now look at me, a living, breathing, fashion machine, minus the plastic, with a closet the size of Texas. After visiting the Pat Fields shop over and over and drooling over this Barbie collection for ages, I finally decided to get this satchel when I saw it on Ebay for 50% off of the original price. I mean, how could I resist? Now all I need is a pink convertible!

2 Comments on “Limited Edition Patricia Field Barbie Satchel!

  1. love love love this bag. Im a huge barbie fan,collecting them for ages, even have her silhouette tattoo’d on my sholder! 🙂

  2. I have the Patricia Field Barbie Bowler Bag! The bag was so huge! I took it everywhere until the straps fell off 😦

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