Derek Santiago is creative genius whose artwork is not only culturally diverse but exudes knowledge and a sprinkle of sex appeal. His characters and vibrant color schemes are effortlessly alluring and his beautiful work captures the attention of anyone in the room. Before I became a fan of Derek’s work, I experienced who he was as a person first and became inspired by his extensive knowledge of everything and anything. What I admire the most is his never-ending hunger for knowledge and his constant research on cultures, music, history, and anything he finds to be visually appealing that he can incorporate into his work. Derek is the smartest, most amazing person I know, and aside from being a HUGE fan of his work, I am fortunate to have him as my best friend. I have his artwork all over my apartment and can’t imagine my place without it, his work resonates a powerful aura of positivity and color that completes the room. Derek is now taking on a new journey and has created a clothing line called Frankie Baby with his partner Frank Antonio. Now women can wear Derek’s portraits as opposed to hanging it on their walls. Derek also creates personal portraits, I commissioned him to make one of my mother for her birthday and it came out beautiful, it was the perfect gift and she was delighted. Derek has also created one of me and I absolutely love it! The Art of Santiago has been recognized by many publications, two in particular; Digital Arts Magazine and was also featured in Inked Magazine as well. Take a look at some of my favorite pieces from his collection of work inside!

Here is a video Derek created to describe his work and his new clothing line Frankie Baby.

For rates on personal portraits or any other inquiries, message Derek at!


5 Comments on “The ART of SANTIAGO

  1. He is definately an amazing artist, and I too, am honored to have him do a portrait of you and I which I proudly display in my home. Everyone should consider owning a piece of his work for it is definately beautiful.

  2. Wishing you all the best, Derek! You are an AMAZING artist and it’s only natural that you are friends with an amazing lady like Jasmin. You are humble, yet confident. These two traits are significant attributes of a successful person. I hope that you will continue to produce the best of the best!!

    Jasmin, I totally love how selfless you are. You always give praise and honor when it is due. I love you pay homage to others on YOUR blog.


  3. He amazes me in everyway… And I was so
    ENAMORED upon seeing his visions for the first time. You wouldn’t believe how many hours I just stared at all his pieces that day in elated disillusion for what I thought I was witnessing was a highly needed movement in the world. Beyond art being one of the most important things the soul needs to experience to feel alive… something to his work solidifies the movement of peace and cultural acceptance as well as reinstates that there is no such thing as “This “ONE” thing being the “RIGHT” type of beauty” (8

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