Vintage Finds for Spring time!

After working for the past two weeks non-stop as a personal shopper, I headed to a few shops for myself after I was done with one of my clients. It was the perfect time to go because I really hit jackpot this week and found such great pieces! Part of my job as a personal shopper is to work with the budget of my clients. I basically shop for them the way I shop for myself. I like to get more bang for my buck and I know the value of the things that I purchase. This week I really scored. First I headed to Buffalo Exchange where I purchased 1 top, a pair of Alexander Wang shorts, a Stop Staring dress, a vintage printed dress, and 2 pair of high-waisted shorts for under $100 in total. Then I headed to Beacons closet where I found a L.A.M.B biker jacket with garters attached for just $49.99! In this post I will prove to you that you can get anything you need on a budget. I will even show you my receipt!

These are high-waisted shorts by “Twelve by Twelve”. I can never have enough high-waisted shorts, especially black ones! $9.50

I nearly died when I saw this dress on the rack! It has a 1950s print to die for! I was even happier that it was just my size and only $13.50!

I thought these Alexander Wang shorts were super dope, I love that they are inspired by mens underwear. I didn’t even know they were by Alexander Wang till I brought them home! $29.99

I love bold strips and crop tops, self explanatory. $7.00

This is the L.A.M.B biker jacket I purchased at Beacons Closet. I couldn’t resist it, it is so badass with the garters and waist belt. I would say this is the perfect jean biker jacket, its soooo me. $49.99

Love the double layered zippers, the hooded choker, and the garters that actually work!

Everyone knows “Stop Staring” dresses are super expensive, this one is FIERCE and only cost me $19.00. Yup!

Red and leopard; all a girl needs!

These are really cute “Sparkle and Fade” shorts. I love the color of them and the tie that goes around the waist. $14.00

I actually cant wait to really wear this outfit.

Last but not least, here is my receipt. Told ya so!


28 Comments on “Vintage Finds for Spring time!

  1. OMG in LOVE with that white dress and those sparkle and fade shorts! 😀 Oh and that Stop Staring dress is TO DIE FOR! Also still in love with those army style heeld booties of yours! They were like the first thing I fell in love with in your apartment haha!

  2. OMG! The red dress is AMAZING. I’m going to be in NY in june… can you tell me the best vintage shops/thrift & consignment stores to look for? I’d really appreciate it! Thank You

  3. Where did you get that printed dress!? I’m in LOOOOOOVE even if I cannot find the same one, I hope I can find one similar! I want it sooo bad!

    • I purchased it at Buffalo Exchange and it doesnt have a tag so I have nooo clue who the designer is :/, but If I find another I will definitely let you know! XO

      • Thanks! I’ll go peep a nearby Buffalo Exchange and also see what I can find xoxo

  4. WHAT THE… really? Can you please tell me what store you found all these awesome pieces and paid under a hundred bucks? I’m so jealous right now.

    And I love that Stop Staring dress. I love all of their pieces, I just wish the quality was a little higher for those prices… I mean, if you pay full of course. I had the black Lolita dress not too long ago, bought it for around $160 with import tax (when I still lived in Germany) and the material felt so cheap.

  5. The print dress is to DIE for! My mouth totally dropped when I scrolled through this post. I bet you’ll be wearing that one to death, and it goes perfect with the short hair! =)

  6. Great finds! I wish there was something as remotely cool as Beacons Closet here. You have to dig a little harder around here find the treasures.

  7. I swear, one day, I will MOVE to an area that has Beacons closet solely because of YOU. Ugh, Wisconsin just ain’t cuttin it! You killed every one of these outfits! My fav is the printed dress 🙂
    If you ever find anything similar to any of these pieces in a size 6, and wanna make some moola hit me up 😉 I always check your bigcartel website, waiting for you to throw some size 6’s up there!

    !! Katie

  8. Jasmin you are constantly wowing with your thrifty finds. You are a pin-up on a budget that never looks that way. I love your confidence and style & it’s constantly and inspiration to me. You go girl!!

  9. Oh girl, this biker jacket really is to die for, it’s so perfekt! I guess now I will have to look for it everywhere, I’ve really got to have it!

  10. I go to the buffalo exchange here in Phoenix and never find anything! It’s all just forever 21 crap… I’m starting to wonder about the place, i think i need you to come check it out!
    That L.A.M.B Jacket is sooooo gorgeous!!

  11. Once again, you look amazing in EVERTHING you purchased and all for less than $100. Its like everyone said, wish they would put hot stuff like this on the racks in larger sizes or have these stores in more locations.

  12. Just found your blog thru! Damn, you’re very beautiful! I love how all of your looks are so vintage/pin-up inspired! And your booty is seriously so perfect! 🙂

  13. In the words of a lovely lil’ Puerto Rican bombshell named Jasmin Rodriguez, “WEPAAAA!”

  14. If I ever take a trip to NY, I’m devoting every minute to thrifting. Also, please do us a huge huge favor and make a post about your makeup regime! Unless you have already?

  15. love the highshorts!!! I headed out to Zara this weekend and thought of you! I pruchased a black and white striped turtleneck to die for $19.99 haha

  16. your style is so cute. I’m so in love with that LAMB jacket! keep up the great work on your blog! it’s awesome 🙂

  17. Sei fantastica!!!!! Il tuo stile è bellissimo. Riesci sempre a coniugare stile, eleganza, simpatia e quel giusto sexy che non guasta alla tua spiccata femminilità. Beautyfull!!!!!!

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