EVOL HEIST limited Edition Bone ring!

Evol Hiest is one of my favorite Jewelry lines out there. I talk about Evol Heist a lot on my website because they never fail to amaze me with each and every collection. My favorite one to date is there “Touch of Evol” collection that feature pieces inspired by skeletons. I received their limited edition Bone ring recently and I wear it almost every day. There are only 40 made and they are all numbered and only £10! I am so happy I got my hands on one of them! There are only a few left so make your way to the Evol Heist shop and get your hands on one! I wore it a few weeks ago while out with a friend, It goes perfectly with my skull headscarf, door knocker earrings, name plate necklace, and my gingham lumber jack top. Chola style!

Evol Heist is now having a sale on their “The Stars” collection too!

Stay tuned for more on Evol Heist this week as I will be modeling their newest collection!

Happy Shopping!

Photographed by: The Dame


5 Comments on “EVOL HEIST limited Edition Bone ring!

  1. I came to your website by accident by im glad I did it seems u were born with tremendous creativity and a passion for your art , well there a picture of you on your Porfolio was wondering if i could get an autographed photo of you , if ot okay too just wish you great success

  2. I ADORE your headscarf. Was it already a bow, or is there some other way you tied it?

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