Tommy Guns Salon

While walking around the lower east side I came across a beautifully 1940s decorated salon called Tommy Guns. I was in awe of the place and couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it. The decor was so exquisite I couldn’t resist doing a post about it. Everything is authentic vintage. Tommy, the owner of Tommy Guns was really friendly and informative about the salon. Tommy traveled here from london and brought the essence of the 1940s with him. At some point I want to head out to the salon to get my hair done, maybe get something inspired by the 1950’s that I can’t do myself. I would love to have the experience of feeling like I am stuck in a time warp while getting my hair done. I am so happy places like this exist in New York, it makes me feel more at home.

Here is a little bit more about the salon along with photos:

Tommy Guns lower east side has replicated the vintage design of the original soho salon in london england, formed in 1994. The design, drawing on the feel of a traditional barbers, adds to the indulgence of the haircutting experience.

Classic barber chairs in leather upholstery, nickel, mirror & glass cabinets, marble floors & counter tops together with vintage lighting, set the salon apart from the rest. Whilst the salon plays up the authentic, old fashion image, the upscale service provided is geared towards a modern lifestyle.

Despite the old school barbershop appearance, the salon caters to both men & women, who we feel deserve something beyond today’s unisex or overtly trendy salons.

The Tommy Guns team is a collective of full time & session stylists, collaborating with the biggest photographers, makeup artists, designers & models in the business. We have built a reputation over the past 16 years since the company was founded, consistently striving to ensure we remain synonymous with our philosophy of laid-back professionalism to achieve effortless style.

Tommy Guns Salon

138 Ludlow Street

Between Rivington and Stanton

New York, NY 10002


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