Would you believe me if I told you this was only 25% of my shoes? BELIEVE IT.

What we have here is all of the shoes I wear most often (in single file so they FIT), many of my elite pairs are in dust bags, boxes, and storage bins. My boots are in a giant wicker bin that is supposed to be a hamper lol. I have so many shoes I had to make this bookcase my “shoe rack” plus I like to see and know what I have because it is easier to get dressed every morning. Now all I need is a bigger apartment lol. I’ve turned into Carrie Bradshaw who stores sweaters in her oven! lol.

Speaking of shoes I would like to introduce you to two pairs of shoes new to my collection by Forever 21.  I am very much aware that the shape of them are knock-offs of the Miu Miu platform Mary Janes (I LOVE Miu Miu), but I could careless, I absolutely LOVE these Forever 21 shoes and I love the PRICE even MORE! $25

I can’t resist a good deal on a pair of equally good heels!

I loveeee floral prints, these were a must have for Spring.

These have a more simple print but I love the subtle polka dots, I think they are too cute!

Maybe I’ll order another bookcase to showcase the rest of my shoes for you all to see! lol


5 Comments on “Shoe-addict!

  1. You know what? I have hundreds of shoes and I just can’t stop buying. I saw these floral print Miu Miu knock offs at F21 a month ago and I decided that I didn’t need another pair of shoes. BUUUUUT! Once again, you have convinced me to go back and get a pair! Spring is coming and I have three vintage dresses that would go perfectly with these shoes!

  2. haha i use to be a personal assistant to world known “shoe expert” and she had ladders around her apartment filled with shoes…so funny when i saw this

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