DJ Cassidy x Questlove at Good Units!

Yesterday night my friend Ingrid and I headed out to Good Units uptown to a DJ Cassidy/Questlove event. I adore the Roots and I wish the whole band was there but I was glad to see Questlove doing his thing as the DJ. DJ Cassidy did his thing too, the music at the venue was incredible. Ingrid and I worked a sweat on that dance floor. I love when I can go to a venue and dance comfortably without feeling like I can’t breathe because there are too many people. The crowd was just right and the best part of my night was running into my friends Danielle and Marlene. It’s always great to see familiar faces; to party with them too! The artwork and the 1950’s posterized walls had me and Ingrid in awe! It was a cool and chill spot to just have fun and vibe to great tunes and it couldn’t have been better! Check out the pics inside!

I just threw anything on for this event. I wore a Vintage Chanel jacket, a Michelle leopard top, my American Apparel disco pants, and my Zara boots. I also wore a vintage Chanel Purse but I didn’t take pics with it.

Ingrid looked great in her Zara varsity jacket and trousers. She also wore some awesome boots and a cute white top.


Ingrid and Questlove!

Ini and Vinnie!


Look at me gazing at this wall; getting ideas for my place lol!

yo yo yo yo yo

My ini-mini inimac!

Colgate smile!

The cats meow.

o yeah?

So pretty!

Wonder Woman!

Look at my vintage raaaang.

Us on the dance floor in drunk focus.

Pretty in pink lipstick!

Nails done, hair done, everything did?

Love her!

Good times!


5 Comments on “DJ Cassidy x Questlove at Good Units!

  1. you need, need, need to do a post on the products you use for your hair!
    it looks especially beautiful in these photos.

  2. I actually love your outfit and the Zara shoes! I’m going to need to know your workout/health plan because your bod is to die for !!

  3. U look absolutely stunning!! I LOVE that Chanel jacket!! Where did u got it ??

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