Absolut Tea Event!

One of my friends sent me an invite to the Absolut Tea party at the Hiro Ballroom. Despite it being unbearably cold, Ingrid, Sarah, Lisa, and I still got glammed up to go. It was my friend Lisa’s last night here in NY before she leaves for England and I wanted to show her a great time before she left considering she hadn’t experienced the nightlife here. The Absolut party was really cool, there were fire dancers and aerialists and enough free drinks and little finger foods to go around. I don’t drink so that didn’t phase me but overall the atmosphere was cool and chill. After the Absolut party we ate at a nearby restaurant which was my favorite part of the night because I love to eat lol. I am just glad I got to spend time with my friend Lisa before she left to England. Check out the photos inside.


Sarah was a classic beauty in her 1960’s vintage dress & earrings. Ingrid was sassy in her Red blazer, awesome T-shirt, leather leggings, and Michael Kors Boots.

Lisa, Ingrid, Sarah, and I.

I want to learn how to do that lol.

I wore patent leather leggings, a white button down from Zara, a Patent belt by Bettie Page Clothing, and my Via Spiga boots.

I miss you Lisa!

I love these girls!

Good times!


2 Comments on “Absolut Tea Event!

  1. Hahaha! wow! I need to wear more makeup! Great photos, I didnt realise how awesome Ingrid looked, guess I was too busy staring at the amazing Aerialists!

  2. Lovely looks all around. I’m really feeling Sarah’s shift dress.

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