Happy Valentines day!

For Valentines day I decided I’d like to spice up VV.com with a bit of naughtiness in celebration of one of my favorite holidays! Inside you will see photos of my friend Ingrid and I dressed up in pinup fashion just for you! Enjoy!

Photographer: Ingrid Campos/V.V

Stylist: V.V

Hair & Makeup: V.V

That’s all folks~!

Hope you all have a wonderful Valentines Day!


13 Comments on “Happy Valentines day!

  1. Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for posting. You have the cutest pop-up booty Jas ❤


  2. Happy Valentine’s Day, Ladies! You’ll have to tell us the lingerie brands in a later post, V.V.!

  3. yous some baddddddd mujeres! Lol. I love the outfit Ingrid is wearing with the fur collar! And you, all black lingerie everything. Happy Vday chiquita.!

  4. Happy Valentines Day! You just made my fourteenth! LoL
    But in all seriousness you two ladies are just BEAUTIFUL!
    great pix!

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