V.V Finds: Zara Sale!

My mother is a bad influence, she is the reason why I am such a shopaholic I swear. The other day I picked my mother up from work so we could have lunch at Elmo with my friend Danielle. We had time to kill so my mother brought me into Zara. I think my mother wanted to see if there was anything for my sister. My sister had told me they were having a big sale and I brushed it off. As soon as I went inside and the clothing around me started to marinate in my brain, I found myself with a handful of clothing and shoes at the checkout. My mother was no angel as she had a handful of clothing in her hand too for herself and my little sister. Mind you, my sister already went shopping at the sale so this was her second handful of clothing lol. I really can’t blame my mother or my sister. I found so many nice trousers, tops, and a pair of KILLER shoes. It really was an amazing sale after all and I am extremely happy with my purchases because everything was more than cheap! Cant wait to tell you the prices! Check out the stuff I bought inside!

Hunter Green Trousers just $9.99! I absolutely adore them so I bought them in a tan color too! I bought them in a bigger size because I don’t really like tight jeans or pants, I love them more when they are baggy. These fit just right. Btw, those tan boots are also from Zara but I bought them off of a bloggera few months ago lol.

I love the tan-colored trousers, these were $9.99 as well! You can see more of the detail in these trousers than the hunter green above. I also scooped this bold stripe top in which I also bought in a bigger size because I like big tees as well. I LOVE stripes so this was a given. The shirt was only $7.99!

I love the fit!

This top was staring at me from the racks and I couldn’t resist it at $29.99.

These are another pair of trousers I couldn’t resist at $9.99. I cannot wait to wear them with a matching blazer! I also bought this sweater because it matched so perfectly and I love the elbow detail in the back. Not bad for $5.99!

Love the elbow patches!

These are corduroy trousers that I had second thoughts about when I got home but after I styled them with a blazer, some spectators, and a good top, I wasnt so unsure anymore! Plus you can’t really go wrong when these were just $9.99 right?

You can’t really see in the picture, but the pockets stick out of these pants in a harem-like fashion. So awesome!

Last but most CERTAINLY not least, I snagged myself a pair of Leopard pumps just before I was about to pay for my clothes. I mean…Look at them, need I say more? They were just $19.99!

That’s 4 pair of trousers, 2 tops, 1 sweater, and a pair of shoes for just $104! What a great DEAL!

Strap on those heels and run on over to your nearest Zara now!


5 Comments on “V.V Finds: Zara Sale!

  1. Great pieces!! I don’t have a Zara near me, but whenever I go to visit my parents they always have amazing deal on their shoes!!

  2. Yes! Blame me…your mama. The hardest part of being a shopaholic is working on a block that has so many great stores. I put myself through detox by sitting at my desk for lunch instead of going out. I have already been barred from Macy’s because my card has been maxed over the Christmas holiday. Its not easy passing all those stores and viewing all the beautiful clothing on the windows that I know my girls will love. Anyway, you did find a great deal and as always, you make everything look so good.

  3. i love the 5th outfit down the row of pix …great high waisted jeans ! what brand r they ?

  4. i’m eating chips with tea n i almost choke… n say no fckng way outloud! Zara having a sale? 9.99 pants? 5.99 sweters?
    You really have an eye for this! Thanks Jasmin!
    Truly yours. haha

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