V.V x TIMEOUT NY MAGAZINE’S Most Stylish New Yorkers!

I am in TimeOut NY Magazines “Most Stylish New Yorkers” February 10-16, 2011 Issue.

I was contacted by TimeOut NY Magazine a month or 2 ago to be a part of their “Most stylish New Yorkers” Issue and I was ecstatic! Year after year people would always tell me, “how is it that TimeOut Magazine hasn’t found you for their most stylish New Yorkers issue yet?”. I would just shrug and respond “I don’t know”, I guess I didn’t think it was a big deal that I was never in the issue but now I can tell them all that I finally made it, that Timeout finally found me. It was such an awesome experience and the Timeout staff were professional, informative, and fun to work with. I chose 3 looks and my goal was to show my versatility. I wanted to show the world that I am limitless when it comes to fashion. I wish I had more time to prepare as it was a very hectic week but overall I am happy with the results. I feel so fortunate and am so glad that I wasnt the only one that got chosen for this issue, my friends made it too! My two favorite red-heads of NYC Valissa Yoe and Kerin Rose also made the issue along with my favorite pharaoh Omar Alexander Figeroa.

On page 18 of TimeOut NY Magazine is a photo of me in a Betsey Johnson dress, a vintage hat, and my Dolce and Gabanna Victorian pumps.

Inside you can see a full online story with a run down of my looks, behind the scenes footage, and photos of my friends who also made the issue.

See the full story by clicking here or the image above!

Behind the Scenes

I have to thank my right hand Ingrid Campos for assisting me with my crazy wardrobe at the shoot. I love her. I was so disorganized. She also shot behind the scenes footage with my camera.

1st look. Victorian Pinup.

I showcased this look to show people my pinup side. I am always in cocktail, swing, and wiggle dresses.

2nd Look. Cleopatra in Versace.

This look is my sexier side. I wanted to showcase my love for curve hugging dresses and leopard prints. I also wanted to show my versatility with the wig. I love wigs and have been experimenting with them along with hair pieces for a while now.

3rd look. Clockwork Orange.

This is my tomboy look. I like to do this look a lot, but in different ways. Sometimes I like to look androgynous but still keep my femininity.

My friends who also made the issue!

They couldn’t have picked a better trio to be a part of this issue! Personally, they are and have always been my favorite fashionistas/Fashionistos too!

Valissa Yoe

Click here to see her full story in the magazine!

Omar Alexander Figeroa

Click here to see his full story in the magazine!

Kerin Rose

Click here to see her full story in the magazine!

Also Congrats to everyone else who made it in the Magazine!


11 Comments on “V.V x TIMEOUT NY MAGAZINE’S Most Stylish New Yorkers!

  1. Congrats! I’m really impressed with how you rock those wigs. I mean, the first time I saw the pictures with the bob, I really thought you cut your hair! Skills, you got them!

  2. I’m one of your mom’s ex-coworkers and friend.
    You are so talented! Be persistent and you will see the seed of your efforts!!

  3. Before I saw the pics I said to myself, “I hope the Versace dress made it, I hope the Versace dress made it!”

    OH yes the Versace dress made it! I loveeeee that dress!

  4. I thought I commented on this blog back then….just fabulous is all I can say !!!!

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