Fun at the Gild Hall!

My friend Sarah invited Ingrid and I to the Gild Hall for a fashion event the other night. As soon as I walked in I was in awe of the decor of the place. Gild Hall has an old library feel to it, everything was old-fashioned and polished to perfection. Men were dressed in suits, bow ties, and pocket squares, and I looked like a cat dressed in a cat suit. Ok, so maybe it was the wrong outfit for this type of place but I know better next time lol. Ingrid however, looked like a hot housewife from the 1950s; perfect for this event. Sarah looked beautiful as always, she could wear anything and you wouldn’t notice because you are too busy looking at how flawless her face is (and the rest of her for that matter). She wears sunglasses all the time, its her secret weapon/accessory of choice. Her sunglass game is pretty mean, I don’t think anyone can out-do her when it comes to that. We had a blast, we were in the middle of the room dancing all night and didn’t stop till the party was over. It was great and I am sure we will be returning soon.

Take a look at the pictures we took inside.

I wore a vintage cat suit with my Via Spiga boots. It was an easy outfit to put together. When its cold, I always resort to something I can put tights under. This was one of those warm and cozy outfits that also gets the job done in terms of style.

Ingrid also wore a sexy curve hugging outfit. She looked amazing!

Sex Kitten!

Ok..a moment of silence for Sarah’s smile…do you see that? WOW.


Booty and back seams.

This gentleman was cool and vibed with us throughout the night.


Permission to look, Castration if touched!


Lmao, Sarah Stance.


I love her.

Dynamic duo, these two together will have you laughing the entire night.



Good times!


6 Comments on “Fun at the Gild Hall!

  1. LOL The pics made me giggle and…well, I pretty much never giggle. Sarah’s stance was pretty cute. And, um, yeah…I think Sarah is givin’ you a run for yo’ money when it comes to flawless face! MAN! Go, girls!! So beautiful!

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