Shopping for Catherine & Journelle!

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Catherine and Journelle hired me to be their personal shopper a few days ago and I was so excited to style them. They both are going to New Orleans for spring break and wanted to head out there with a new wardrobe. Catherine is wild, you can tell by the pink streaks in her hair. I wanted to find anything rocker-chic that would compliment her wild personality and look. I didn’t get to take a lot of photos because I was shopping for them most of the time but I found her so many great pieces, one of my favorites was a red plaid tunic with a belt around the waist. That tunic paired with leather leggings and a red pump is perfect for Catherine. I also found her a great Betsey Johnson dress and a thriller jacket that resembles the one from the Michael Jackson thriller video perfectly. Journelle has a very prim and proper style, she is more into dainty things like dresses with puffed sleeves and ruffle trims. I wanted to give her a vintage chic look, like she was visiting paris you know? I found her a great gray wool coat with puff sleeves and a cute wool flower, a nude wrap dress that looked AMAZING on her, a vintage hat, and many other items. My favorite pieces I found were the yellow vintage blazer with the bold black stripes, the hot pink tunic, and the backless jacket she could wear with anything. I took them to my favorite spots in Brooklyn and by the time I was done shopping for them they were struggling to hold all of their shopping bags. It was such a pleasure to shop for 2 wonderful girls and I wish them a great and amazing trip to New Orleans!

Interested in booking me? Email ❤


3 Comments on “Shopping for Catherine & Journelle!

  1. Hey Jazzy Girl,

    Great job.I am a huge fan and though this is my first response I look forward to

    chatting it up with you in the future.I also heart ❤ Derrik Santiago. I am so psyched

    you guys are best-ies what a super power pack! POW! So I am not sure who is whom

    is in that fabulous fashion fix festival you ladies were having. But "Right On"! For all

    the pieces you chose. I particularly enjoy the hot flamingo capped sleeved mini dress!

    Absolutely gorgeous on that brown skinned beauty. The teal polka-dot satin cocktail

    is a winner! Gonna be so hot when those hot pink tresses are pinned and curled!

    Thank you again for another fabulous post!

    Yours Truly,

  2. It was such an amazinggggg experience!! Seriously anyone looking or interested in booking Jasmine definitely should! It was so much fun she is so real and hilarious and just a pleasure! Not to mention extremely talented with out of this world style and a great eye! And boy does she work fast! I probably will book again whenever i need another jazz in my wardrobe! You are definitely going down as one of the dopest New Yorkers! Keep up the amazing work! Inspiration!

  3. hey, i was wondering if you could possibly tell me how much it would be to hire you for a day?

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