The Compass show

Ingrid and I are shoe lovers so we couldn’t resist attending the Compass show last thursday. I had never been to a Compass show, but I am familiar with the Capsule show which is just like it. There were many great shoe companies showcased at Compass but I only took pictures of the ones that stood out to me. I was so inspired and am so excited for all of the styles ready to hit stores in Spring/Summer this year. Check em out inside!

I wore my new fur coat, gaaaad I love it. I wanted to just be comfortable so I wore my American Apparel trousers, a vintage taupe button down, a diesel belt, and my Steve Madden snow boots. I didn’t feel like hair but I did feel like wearing orange lipstick that grew on me throughout the day.

Ingrid wore a sleek cobalt blue empire waisted coat with jeans, a cute pair of wedged boots, a red scarf, and a great purse.

If Bass loves Rachel Antonoff, so do we! This was my favoritttttte collection in the entire show!

I die.

I want these so bad!

There was not one pair of shoes that I didn’t like from this collection.

lol look at me.

I love the floral print on these.

Pink and cream-colored patent leather spectator Oxford’s? I think yes.

I love the bow contrasts on these flats.

Love em all.

Antenna Mag was a great read. Mos Def was on the cover, Ingrid was in love.

I have to say I am very impressed with Creative Rec’s, I love the textiles and patterns they used on these two pairs.

These sneakers are perfect for baggy jeans.

Creative Rec’s now has a womans line of shoes and they are not bad at all if you ask me.

I’ll take that gray pair in the middle please.

Timberland Boot Company is a separate division from regular Timberland boots you might find at Dr.Jays or Jimmy Jazz. Timberland Boot Company brings you a modern vintage style into their collection. I was amazed at how different both divisions were.

I love the leather pieces at the tops of these knee-high boots.

I love these. Self explanatory.

Naaylor caught my attention when I worked a Decades event last year, I was happy to see them here at the compass show showcasing their brand new collection of sexy, sassy, and edgy shoes and boots.

Um. Yeah. SEXY.

If a turquoise Cadillac transformed into a shoe.



Diana Broussard is an incredible shoe designer that knows exactly how a woman should accessorize. She not only designs sexy shoes, but elegant jewelry to compliment them.

The rockabilly scene will eat these up!

I love the gold heels on these babies.

I love her jewelry.


I could die happy if I had these.

Ingrids boyfriend lol.

Bibi Lou stole my heart with these glittered bow pumps in all different colors.

I love sparkly things so these Lola Cruz pumps were just my style.

Who doesn’t love the crazy, wacky, cutesy, creative styles of Irregular choice? I have been enamored by Irregular choice shoes since I was in High School, these days are no different. I think I love IC because I was always inspired by the Decorah of Japan, the creativity of their style is so intense but so precise kinda like IC.

Big bows and crazy heels!

Flower power!

Adorable and high<3

A leucite bow, so cute!

Roof top trippin.

I added that fur trim to my button down. It was so necessary for this cold day.

Pretty Ingrid, pretty view.

How awesome is her sweater?

Enjoying the view.

I wore a vintage cashmere sweater underneath my coat and check out my pin-up ring!

Love these boots!

Que Linda!

LOVE her boots.

Good times!

6 Comments on “The Compass show

  1. Everything you’ve posted has found a special place in my heart.

    1. I’ve had my eye on Creative Recs for my bf, but I am impressed with their women’s line.
    2. I didn’t realize Timberland’s boots were separate from their streetware. I’ve fallen in love with many of their modern takes on vintage boots.
    3. Your fur coat is awesome. I just pick a long fur coat for $15 today. Some lady donated, like, 6 furs! It was a strugge to choose ONE.
    4. Ingrid’s style is just perfect. You both have two distinct styles, and I enjoy when you feature a duo post with Ingrid.

  2. I’ve never gotten as many compliments on a pair of shoes as I have on my one pair I’ve got from Irregular Choice. I ADORE the brand although they are definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. The blue maryjane pumps with the candy on it are pure LOVE!

    Also glad to see you wasted no time wearing your new cute. I wouldn’t have either. XD

  3. OMGshoeville heavens!! been reading your blog for awhile
    the bass collection is so simple+classy timeless — luvvit =)
    xxom ❤

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