Deals at!

Steve Madden has stepped their game up within the past few months. I never really paid too much attention to Steve Madden as much as I do now, they have so many great shoes these days it is hard to keep my composure every time I walk in the store. But with some great and amazing shoes comes an expensive price and I am such a bargain hunter I will look to the ends of the earth just to find a cheaper price. A friend of mine gave me a gift card to and I curiously searched for Steve Madden shoes and VOILA! The shoes I wanted were there and at a CHEAPER price. Both of the styles I have been gagging over were there and I was so excited I was now able to purchase them and save $40! These tulle pumps above retail at the Steve Madden store for $100 but I got them for $90 and the champagne colored bow heels below retail at $110 and I got them for $80! I even found amazing Dsquared pumps on for $$$ less than you would find them in stores. Ladies, if you are completely smitten by a pair of shoes, do your homework and don’t be so impulsive. I am sure that if you search for them on the internet, you can probably find them a lot cheaper. Even if its dollars less, every dollar counts. I absolutely love the shoes I purchased and the shipping was lightning fast.

I cannot wait to wear both of these styles this Spring!


5 Comments on “Deals at!

  1. aghh U are so lucky!!! lol I need to do some serious shopping! *:)

  2. Ahh my friend you have good taste. I was eying those shoes for a while. Every time I get out of work I said I would buy them. I’m happy you got them, hopefully they still have my size

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