Basta Surf event at the Tribeca Grand!

Yesterday night I worked a Basta Surf event at the Tribeca Grand Hotel with my friend Ingrid. Basta is a great swimwear line that’s fashion, fit, and function combined. It was only right that they showcase their swimwear followed by an amazing video of Julie Henderson modeling their new 2011 collection at the Tribeca Grand. Samantha Goodman and Stephanie Paine, founders of Basta Surf, had a very successful turn out because everyone who was invited came and had a great time. Ingrid and I had so much fun taking pictures with a Polaroid camera and mingling with the people there. Ironically across the room were the cast of the “Jersey Shore”, so Ingrid and I took pictures with the cast. I am not really big on taking photos with celebrities but they were so cool and down to earth I figured why not? Ironically, a very lovely lady stopped me to tell me that she loves my blog and that was the best part of my night. She was incredibly sweet and I was so glad that she stopped me to tell me that because it means a lot to me. I couldn’t believe someone who was with the cast knew of my blog. To top it off Ingrid and I also had dinner at the bar that was delicious! Everyone who knows me and Ingrid knows we are always hungry so this was a treat! I am always invited to the Tribeca Grand and I never go, now I know better! Check out the pictures inside!

Dressed in all black like the omen. Actually I looked just like a boy, an evil Charlie Chaplan type of boy lol. Drenched in Betsey Johnson/Erin Fetherston.

Ingrid came dressed like a sex kitten. I looked like her date lol.

The space was beautiful.

Julie Henderson on screen in a Basta Surf Video by Olivia Wolfe.

Basta Surf bikinis are reversible! Check out the post I did on Basta previously.

Samantha Goodman, one of the masterminds behind Basta Surf.

Stephanie Paine (the second mastermind of Basta Surf), Samantha, and Valerie Boster from Vogue.

Beautiful Irina Shayk, Samantha, and Julie striking a pose.

Everyone getting their drink and hug on.

Ingrid and I were getting our eat-on! lol Yum. We had a burger, fries, and some good ol macaroni and cheese!

It’s a fry-stache.

Oh man.

Mr.Shiny Pants and Ingy!

Me and Dina from “Jersey Shore”.

Ingy and Vinnie being all shy!

Lol at this picture. Ingrid playing with Pauly D‘s Bling lmao!

and that’s all folks!

Check out Basta Surfs online website to check out the great swimwear and new video featuring Julie Henderson!

Great times!


3 Comments on “Basta Surf event at the Tribeca Grand!

  1. Oh what fun!!! I love your silly ways!!!…Great pics…Take care Jasmin

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