Miz Mooz Fashion Presentation at the Bowlmor!

Last Thursday a friend invited me to the Miz Mooz fashion presentation at the Bowlmore in Times Square. It was the day after that big snow fall but it didn’t stop me from heading out to Time Square to see this show. I brought my friend Ingrid with me as my date, I don’t think I can go anywhere without her anymore. We always have so much fun and we don’t actually have to be doing anything spectacular to have a good time.

The Bowlmor is really beautiful and I am guessing that it is linked to Carnival at University Place because they are very similar with their Coney Island theme. The Bowlmor was very diverse as every section of the venue had a different theme. Ingrid and I could get lost in that place and that’s exactly what we did. The Coney Island section was vacant and we took tons of pics. The Miz Mooz section of the Bowlmor was great too, there were girls in show girl outfits and shoes all over the place. Everyone was bowling, drinking, and having a good time. Ingrid and I were in awe of the shoes, I mean…What girl doesn’t love shoes? Especially a whole room decorated in them! Every shoe was designed to perfection with an old vintage feel to them. I already have a few pairs of Miz Mooz shoes I bought in the past and After seeing the collection I wanted more! Just when we thought the night couldn’t get any better a lovely lady in a concession on the side of the bowling alley handed us a free pair of spectator flats! Ironically they were the shoes I was drooling over at the presentation so I was ecstatic. I know I am going to wear them all the time this Spring and Summer. They looked adorable on Ingrid, even with the outfit she wore to the event. Too bad it was snowing out, she could have worn them out! It was a really great night, the Miz Mooz staff was friendly, the crowd was live, and we left with a pair of great shoes. Check out some of the pics inside.

Ingrid sporting a vintage plaid skirt, brown wedge boots, a blue button down and a cute cardigan! Warm and Chic~!

Can you guess what’s in that bag?

I wore my Betsey Johnson “Sex Pot” sweater dress, leg avenue back seamed hosiery, rain boots I got at Mandee, and my Agent Provocateur rain coat. Just incase you are wondering if the ponytail is mine, it isn’t ;). I am experimenting with hair pieces and I kinda like it 😀

The venue was live!

Shoes shoes shoes everywhere!

Look at the spectator shoes at the bottom. I nearly died! I wanted them all!

Ingrid saw plaid and she went in for the kill. How amazing are these boots?

All of the shoes had an old vintage feel to them and it was consistent. I like that.


Love the boots up high with the sheep skin lining.

Ingrid looking at the pair we would soon be getting for FREE!

Ready for Spring!?

You go girls!

This is the lovely lady who gave us the free shoes. I had to take her pic and put her in the blog for being incredibly sweet besides giving us a free pair of shoes.

Could these be anymore perfect for a girl who loves the 1950s? I don’t think so.

They looked awesome on Ingrid, even with her outfit!

Check out the pin-up wallpaper! Ignore my massive eyeballs. lmao!

Ingrid got me Hollywood cinimints from LA! I love her. By the way, that’s my purse and its Betsey Johnson of course. Kiss kiss.

Off to a deserted Coney Island Oasis.

All I do is win win win!

So cute!

Ingrid wanted a gold-fish ❤

I wanted to take this couch home.



We loved this graffiti wallpaper and couldn’t resist taking pics with it.

Sex Pot<3

Hot housewife<3

Back seams!

Queen Innie!

Queen Vinnie!

Thank you Miz Mooz for such a wonderful event!

Good times!

5 Comments on “Miz Mooz Fashion Presentation at the Bowlmor!

  1. Hi!! I really enjoy looking @ the pictures,and checking out the styles!! I appreciate how you describe the vibe of the places you vist in NYC, it helps the reader get a sense of life in N.Y. My dream is to vist The Big Apple,I just have to find out what its all about!!!! Thank You Jasmin and good Luck in all you aspire too! *:)

  2. Congrats on the article mention in the NyTimes!! The picture looks great.

  3. I can’t believe I invited you and then didn’t go. Damn deadlines! What’s more frustrating is the free shoes! I want those spectators! 😦 WAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heard you got to meet Saint too. 🙂 He was so glad to meet you.

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