Man About Town

Ok. Can we talk about this video? WOW. Kilian Martin needs to marry me. He can bring his skateboard and that outfit too.

Man About Town is an independently produced publication that appeals to the confident, intelligent, luxury-conscious man of today. Man About Town is a guide to the season featuring comprehensively detailed, uniquely presented articles, which provide a full, distinctive view of their subjects. The fashion truly matters to the reader and all content is created by the most prominent, contemporary stylists, photographers and journalists. Man About Town is the modern journal for the man who is already trend and news savvy but wants greater depth than other media currently offers.

Man About Town Autumn/Winter 2010 Issue ON SALE NOW
Life’s a Beach – the Winter Sun Issue
Babes, bikes, battleships, booze, burgers, boards & beastly behaviour
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Thanks Pan!


3 Comments on “Man About Town

  1. ok, so I know we email/fb/etc// but I don’t even know you like that VV and this is so your husband, I think we need to make this happen.

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